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Organza Sashes, Satin Sashes, And Other Types Of Chair Sashes


Aug 2017

A beautiful venue will never be complete without equally pretty chairs. There are many ways to decorate your event chairs. Dressing the chairs with chair covers do not only enhance its beauty, it is likewise one of the best ways to hide whatever imperfections your chairs have and to improve the overall atmosphere of your event venue. If the chairs already look stunning even without covers, you can further make them more appealing by adorning them with chair sashes. Here are a few chair sashes options that you can use to add color and character to your chairs and to your event hall in general.

Organza Sashes

Organza Sashes

Organza is considered as among the most attention-grabbing and eye-catching fabrics used for chair sashes. With its smooth finish and sheer fabric, organza sashes can help you transform an ordinary event hall into something amazingly attractive. Tying organza sashes with beautifully crafted finished edges around the backrest of the chairs will add a touch of elegance to your chair. Organza sashes are available in various colors. Among these are:

Burgundy organza sash
Lilac organza sash
Mauve organza sash
Eggplant organza sash
Copper organza sash
Champagne organza sash
Ivory organza sash
Green organza sash
Turquoise organza sash
Gold organza sash
Coral pink organza sash
Mint green organza sash
Sage green organza sash
Purple organza Sash
Hunter green organza sash

Satin Sashes

Satin Sashes

Satin Sashes can create a bold statement of color to your event venue. This flowing, glossy, highly versatile, and elegant fabric can turn a boring and plain looking chair into something warm and inviting. Satin sashes will not only help jazz up the venue, it will likewise add sophistication to your event decor and make the surrounding more festive and lively. Satin sashes options include:

Copper satin sash
Burnt satin sash
Hot pink satin sash
Yellow satin sash
Chocolate brown satin sash
Gold satin sash
Lilac satin sash
Ivory satin sash
Mauve satin sash
Champagne satin sash
Eggplant satin sash
Sage green satin sash
Turquoise satin sash
Hunter green satin sash
Burgundy satin ash

Taffeta Sashes

Taffeta Sashes

Taffeta is an extraordinary, high-end, plain woven, thin, smooth, and crisp fabric that is usually used for wedding dresses, interior decorations, and ball gowns. It is made from cuprammonium rayons or silk. The silk taffeta comes in two distinct kinds: the softer piece-dyed and the stiffer yarn-dyed. Taffeta chair sashes are usually made from piece-dyed taffeta. Adding Taffeta chair sashes to your chair can further make your entire decoration more alluring and warm-looking.

Burlap Sashes

Burlap Sashes

Burlap, also known as hessian or crocus in Jamaica, is a densely woven fabric commonly made from sisal fibers or jute plant skin. Some types of burlap fabrics are made from a combination of jute plant skin and other vegetable fibers used to create nets and ropes.

Lycra Sashes

Lycra Sashes

Lycra, also known as elastane or spandex, is a synthetic fiber popular for being exceptionally elastic. Lycra is made of 190 gsm spandex fabric and is said to be more durable and stronger than natural rubber. Lycra chair bands are usually used to complete the contemporary and sleek look of the event chairs that are covered by spandex banquet chair covers and other types of chair covers. Just like the other types of sashes, they are also available in various colors and sizes.

Different Types Of Wedding Chair Covers And Sashes


Aug 2017

There are currently different types of chair covers for rent. Most of these types differ according to the kind of chair they are designed for and the type of fabric they are made of. Here are a few types of chair covers available today.

Lycra Chair Covers and Sashes

Lycra Chair Covers and Sashes

Lycra, also called spandex or elastane, is considered as a unique type of wedding chair covers. Lycra chair covers are created from190 gsm spandex fabric and are designed to snugly and tightly fit just about any type of chair. They do not only look clean and flawless, they also provide a relatively sleek, elegant, and contemporary finish. Lycra chair covers can make an old and ugly standard chair or an ordinary Samsonite style plastic folding or banquet chair excellently stunning and attractive. They can even be used for industrial style metal chairs. Many event organizers choose this type of fabric because it’s wrinkle-free, easy to clean, and pretty. Lycra wedding sashes can be added to achieve a perfect wedding chair look.

Chiavari Chair Covers and Sashes

satin chair covers

If you want a mixture of luxury and elegance, you can choose Chiavari chair covers. This type of wedding chair cover is famous for its sheer design and shiny finish. Chiavari Chair Covers are generally ruffled or embroidered. Chiavari sashes, on the other hand, can add a little more character and extra pizazz to your entire chair appearance.

Scuba Chair Covers

Another unique type of chair cover is the scuba chair cover. Just like the other types of covers, the scuba chair cover can also be used to dress up any kind of chair regardless of whether it has a tall or short back. It can also be stretched both vertically and horizontally. What makes it unique from the other types is the feel it provides. Sitting on a chair dressed with scuba chair cover literally makes you feel like sitting in luxury.

Satin Banquet Chair Covers and Sashes

Satin Banquet Chair Covers and Sashes

Satin is yet another shiny and stunning fabric commonly used both for chair sashes and covers. Satin chair covers and sashes are available in various colors. If you want to transform your ordinary and boring banquet chair into an attractive one, something that can help effortlessly brighten up the entire event venue, satin chair covers are your best option. You can also add satin chair sashes to create a bold statement of vivid color for your venue.

Universal Chair Covers

If you are not sure what type of wedding chair cover to choose, it is always better to stay on the safe side: pick the universal chair cover. This type of cheap chair cover is designed with a universal fit which makes it easier to use and handle. You just have to put it on the chair, secure its tie, and you are good to go. The universal chair cover can cover just any type of chair.

Polyester Chair Covers

Polyester Chair Covers

The polyester chair covers are commonly used to dress up banquet chairs with either square or round back. They are generally created from 180 gsm polyester fabric. To add glamor to the casual look that polyester covers provide, you can tie colorful and shimmering organza sashes around the back of the chair.

You can make your chair look more beautiful by adding either organza, burlap, damask, or satin sashes regardless of the type of wedding chair cover you will use.

5 Creative Ideas To Repurpose Cheap Chair Sashes


Jul 2017

Chairs are more beautiful when embellished with pretty chair covers. But chair covers are not only for chairs. You can also use them to adorn many other things. With an ounce of creativity and a little bit of inspiration, you can easily and perfectly turn an ordinary thing to something extraordinary and beautiful. You can even use them to add extra spice to your decor or to make a uniquely stunning statement to the event venue.

Before we begin, grab a few cheap satin chair sashes and think about these creative and inspiring ways to use them.

Uniquely Beautiful Bouquet Wrap

cheap chair sashes

Do you want your wedding to be as synchronized and well coordinated as possible? Most probably, you will use an all-white wedding gown and you can’t do anything in order for it to match the color of your motif. How about grabbing one of the cheap chair sashes and use it as a flower bouquet wrap? Chair sashes are created with sizes that are ideal for making bouquet wraps. You can choose to wrap your floral and tie it the same way as those sashes on your chairs or hang some charms to create a little swag and style.

Classy Gift Bows

classy gift bows

Do you have some satin sashes on your storage box? Are you looking for ways to repurpose them? Well, another creative way to repurpose used chair sashes is to use them as gift bows. Not only will it make your present more personalized, it will likewise make it festive, more classy, distinct, and fashionable. If you do so, you can not only just reuse your old sashes, you can as well avoid wasting wrapping paper. To use the sash as a gift bow, simply wrap it around the books or other gift items, secure it in place, tie it and make a bow. That’s it.

Add Extra Favor To The Cocktail Table

extra favor






A cocktail table is already beautiful on its own. Adding a tablecloth can make it look more gorgeous. But, do you know that you can further enhance the beauty of the cocktail table? Absolutely yes, you can. By tying a classy and glossy chair sash around the leg of the cocktail table and on top of the tablecloth, you can create a fantastic statement and drastically enhance the entire feel of your event hall.











Dazzling Table Runner

table runner

Add a flare to your table setting by using a sash as a table runner. If you want to add a typical table runner but your table is not that wide enough, you can choose to use a chair sash instead. If you already have a table runner, you can tie the sashes on its sides or tuck them underneath the table runners to make a fine-drawn pop of color.

Chair Covers On Drapes

chair covers

Another creative way to use chair covers is to make it as a drape bow. Drapery normally looks plain and shapeless when left unstyled and untied. Why leave it as is if you can further beautify and add style to your drapes? Neatly gather each side of the drape, bring them at the center and tie a bow around them. It’s easy and simple but it can certainly make a difference.

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Buying vs Renting Chair Covers: Which is Better?


Jun 2017

One of the significant details that you need to take a closer look at when hosting an event is the venue itself. Aside from the location, you need to also identify and carefully plan each and every detail needed to make your event venue a great place for your occasion. These details basically include the decoration and setting. Among the most relevant parts of the setting is the linen that you will use both for the chairs and tables. Even though you have a set of beautiful chairs and tables, you still need to add linens, table cloths, sashes, and chair covers if you want to further enhance their beauty and to improve the entire atmosphere of the event room.

elegant chair covers

Let us assume that you have already decided to dress up your chairs with chair covers. The next problem that you need to solve would be whether you will be going to rent or buy a set of chair covers.


If your budget allows, you can buy a brand new set of chair covers or hire a company to create customized or personalized covers. If your set budget does not permit you to buy brand new ones, you can go purchase preloved or second-hand chair covers. However, if the first three options seem to be too expensive for you, you can choose to contact one of the trusted event organizers available today and ask if they offer chair covers for rent. You can either browse the internet, ask your friends and family, or perhaps check your locality for companies offering chair cover rentals. There are many chair cover rental companies out there that are willing to have their items rented at a fraction of the cost.

satin chair covers


If you decide to rent the chair covers, you do not have to worry about their maintenance. You do not even have to wash them and have them ironed out before and after the event because the rental company will be the one to take care of the laundry. If you buy your own covers, you also have to spend some dollars for its maintenance and laundry expenses.

wedding chair covers


If you buy the, you need to devote a specific place to store the covers when not in use. If you rent the covers, you will no longer need any storage room because the rental company will retrieve the covers right after the event is over.


Rental companies often have a great collection of chair covers. You can easily find the best design, style, size, color, and material that would best suit your party motif. If you buy the covers, you will have to use the same color, style, design, material, and size over and over again.

elegant chair cover


If you are holding a one-time big event like wedding or college graduation celebration, it would be wiser if you choose to rent covers rather than buying them. However, if you intend to use the covers in your next events like birthday party, you can buy your own instead. Just remember to settle with neutral colors so that you can still use them in the future no matter what motif your next events will have.

Level Up Your Event Venue Decor With Chair Covers


Jun 2017

Planning a big and special event can be both tedious and exciting. Tedious in the sense that you need to take care of and properly plan for all the details of the event, from the smallest and simplest to the most important details. On the other end, event planning can be really exciting. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent, creativity, and skills. As an event planner, you will need to be really imaginative and skillful in putting up a uniquely beautiful, refreshing, and memorable event.

special event

One of the things that you need to keep an eye on when planning an event is the venue. The venue should not just serve as the location where the event took place but the area where beautiful and happy memories are created. To make this happen, you should think of some things that will make the venue look more stunning, memorable, and fitting to the occasion. This means we are going to consider planning for the perfect decor for your event venue.

The chairs are among essential things that you need to include in your checklist. No matter how extravagant and pretty your decorations are, if the chairs you are using are a bit rusty, dull, and ugly it can probably ruin your entire event and put all your efforts to garbage. Fortunately, there are a few ways to transform an ugly, old, and dull chair into a pretty one like for instance covering it with a chic and elegant chair cover.

Cover your chairs

Covering your chairs with chair covers is the easiest and most affordable way to enhance not only the beauty of the chairs but also the entire room. It can transform a rather simpler event venue into something cozy, fashionable, and elegant.

Although chair covers can ultimately help you make the overall appearance and feel of your venue better, they can also possibly ruin your event. The linen can either break or make your event decor. This is why picking the right and the best chair covers are very crucial.

Chair Covers

The market is now flooded with a wide selection of chair cover options. It won’t be impossible for you to find the right chair covers that will best suit your event venue and the occasion. Chair covers are available in various colors, fabrics, styles, and designs.

When choosing a color, you should consider picking the one that matches your motif or your venue. Do not be tempted to pick the one that does not compliment the color of your venue or motif no matter how beautiful its design is and how cheap the covers are.

Chair Sashes

You can even make your chairs more glamorous and extra stunning by wrapping chair sashes around them. Chair sashes are also available in various colors, fabrics or material, styles, and designs. The nice thing about sashes is that you can be able to use it according to your preference. You can either go with the tradition bow tie sashes and wrapped them around the back of your chairs or play with your imagination and create something artistic,  refreshing, and unique out of a standard strand of chair sashes.

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