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Make your wedding more memorable with these Chair Covers, Table Fabrics & Linens


Apr 2018
Cheap chair covers for rent

Linens can play an important role in the overall impact of your event decor. They are in fact easiest and quickest way to enhance the look and feel of any event decoration. Some of these linens are chair covers, table overlays, table runners, and table skirts.

Linens can play an important role in the overall impact of your event decor. Since the tables and chairs form a huge part of the entire room or venue, using linens is the easiest and quickest way to enhance the look and feel of any event decoration. There are different ways to play with linens to make your wedding reception look more stunning and uniquely beautiful. Among these are as follows:

Chair covers

Chair covers are fabrics used as a cover for any chair. Dressing your chairs with beautiful chair covers is a surefire way of adding character and sophistication to your venue. Chair covers are available in various colors and fabrics. You will surely find the one that will best fit your taste.

Cheap chair covers for rent

Worried about your dull wooden or perhaps faded imperfect steel or plastic chairs? Worry no more cause chair covers can work like magic. They can turn any dull, faded, and imperfect chair into something beautiful in an instant. Pick the chair cover shade that matches your wedding motif to create continuity and smooth flow of colors.

Table skirts

Table skirts are perhaps not new to you. You use it everywhere- on your tables at home, on restaurants, or even on event venues. They are perfect for highlighting important event tables like trade show display, buffet, dinner, center and wedding tables.

Table Skirts

Wedding table skirts are often made from smooth and flowy fabrics like silk and satin. They offer a classic look to any type, size, and shape of the table, may it be small, big, round, square, rectangular, plastic, wooden, steel, or concrete table. You can simply lay them over the tables for a simple and tidy look, or use some table skirt clips and play with your imagination and creativity to come up with a one of kind folding/clipping style or design.

For a more amazing look, rent table linens or tablecloth together with the skirt.

Table Overlays

For a more classy and stylish event table, add another layer of linen. You can use the table overlays for such purpose. Cheap table overlays are the go-to and must-have accessory not only for many wedding coordinators and event planners but also for DIYers.

Table Overlays

Rent table overlays that complement your event motif’s design palette. They are available in a wide array of sizes, colors, and fabrics. The most elegant and popular fabrics used for table overlays are satin, organza, and burlap.

Table overlays for wedding are quite expensive but you will surely not mind the price if you see how luxurious your event table will look like with them. Pair them with a beautiful tablecloth to make the entire setting look perfectly beautiful.

Table Runners

Table Runners

Table runners are definitely not just an ordinary piece of fabric. They are a versatile option to provide a brilliant contrast of color and texture to any table most especially when paired with a lovely tablecloth. If you think that table overlays are a bit more expensive for you if you don’t want to cover the entire table with table overlays, the table runners are your next best option. They are also available in various colors and fabrics (e.g. burlap, satin, and organza).

So, there you go- the different types of linens and fabrics that you can use for your chairs and tables to make your wedding event venue look and feel more pleasing and inviting.

Different Ways to Make Your Table Displays Remarkable


Dec 2014
Table Cloth

You will doubtlessly be leasing table cloths for the tables. Apart from the tablecloth and napkins, think about using as a wedding table skirting. It includes an “elegant” and “dressed” up feel. Keeping all cloth white is a customary look and exceptionally excellent. Anyhow, if your wedding has a color theme to it you can utilize your linens to help in decoration.

Wedding Table Skirting

Know Your Setting

When you are taking care of a little space, knowing each point of interest of your assigned area is significant. You need definite measurements. You have to understand what sort of surface the table will have. You have to know any assets that are accessible close-by. What color are the walls, if there are any walls around you? Is it accurate to say that you are on a corner? Knowing your backgrounds makes it conceivable to get the most out of your table such as use of table skirting.

Table Skirting

Never Leave the Table Visible

Your table top presentations don’t fundamentally oblige a base as a feature of their set up, however they must have something underneath them more intriguing than the table itself. A simple table skirting rental will work well too.

Table Skirting Rental

Provide a Clear Focus

When you are working with a little space, it can be enticing to incorporate all that you can conceivably fit inside. In any case much of the time, the most attractive strategy is to highlight what is most important, leaving arranged empty space to highlight your key feature wedding table skirting.

Wedding Table Skirting

Take Advantage of the Table’s Shape

At most traditions, you don’t simply get the top surface of the table: you can likewise utilize the base. It may already have a table skirts provided by the banquet itself, however in the event that is not, you can use table skirting rental services. It is regularly very successful to hang writing holders along the edge of the table, giving simple access. Depending upon how much of a crowd you expect, a sign may likewise be wise option.

Table Cloth

Think Creatively

The most ideal approach to separate a surface setup is by thinking the most creative approach to set up table skirting for table setting. On the off chance that there is a unique part of your life that you can play up, use it further to get best wedding moments. These tips are basically a beginning stage; your own unique creativity can make your wedding a greater achievement.

The skirt generally comprises of two sections, one is the table topper fabric and the other is the skirt which can be attached to the edge of the table utilizing snaps or cuts. They have a tendency to wrap to the floor and thus carry nearly a smart cozy look to the table.

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