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Satin Sashes Wholesale- For Decorating Your Wedding Venue with Vibrant Colors


Jun 2018
satin sashes

Be it a wedding or a usual gathering, people love to indulge in unique decorations and settings. One such important element is the chairs. Nobody would have thought that chairs could also make a difference in decoration but it has changed the idea of décor completely. What makes these chairs look simply outstanding is the satin sashes. These are like long satin ribbons that can be wrapped around the chairs making them look elegant and unique. The whole vibe of the venue transforms with these vibrant satin sashes.

And when you buy satin sashes in wholesale, you get an opportunity to play with colors and styles and moreover you can match the décor with colors that suit the settings best. Personalization is another add-on advantage you get when you have all types of satin sashes to experiment with.

What are the latest trendy ideas that can make a festivity shine throughout? Read on to find out.

Satin Sashes- Venue Decoration Ideas

  • Turquoise For Happiness 

If you have a fairy tale or a sea theme wedding, the turquoise satin sashes could help a great deal. You could simply tie the sashes around the chairs horizontally or warp it diagonally from one corner to the other. The turquoise color would add the dreamy effect to your festivity and would spread positivity all around.

  • Gold Is For Royalty

When you wish to add the royalty factor to your festivity choosing trendy golden satin sashes would be a reliable option. Whether you choose glittery golden sashes or the solid golden ones; either way, your party is going to rock. You could also attach a bow at the back of the sash to add on the attractiveness.

  • Red Instills Vibrancy

Red colored sashes form the best choice for marriage festivity. Red denotes courage, love, romance and what could be better than having a red themed wedding with red satin sashes around the chairs. Wrap the red sashes diagonally across the chair and you could also prefer knitting a bow at the middle for highlighting the decoration.

red satin sashes


  • Black Is For The Bold

Black is for people who love experimenting and have a favoritism for this bold color. Not many would choose it, but you should know that the grace it would add to the decorations around would make it worth your efforts. You could simply wrap a single knot black satin sash to your golden or silver chairs. Or you could even match it with white and pink roses to add to the glamour effect.

  • Orange For Liveliness

This vibrant color has been quite popular lately. When it comes to decorating the chairs with orange satin sashes, the ideas are unlimited. You could choose to simply tie sash from both the ends and frill it out in the center. Or, you could cover the entire chair like a full draped dress and tie it with a decorative broach to make it look beautiful.

  • Silver For Wealth

Silver loves unique, beautiful and is known to denote good wealth. You could dress up the chairs with black cloth and add silver satin sashes on the top to give it a completely new look. Or for more perfection, you could dress up the chair back with silver nets and tie up a silver satin bow at the middle of it.

silver satin sashes


Looking at these amazing ideas, you must be feeling the urge to experiment with these vibrant colors. Therefore buying chair sashes that are available in wholesale should be preferred so that you can buy cheap chair sashes in bulk and play with the creative ideas.

Rent Chair Covers For Wedding- A Cheaper Way to Create Your Special Day!


May 2018
chair covers

If chair covers seem a trivial thing to consider on a wedding, think again! Apart from decorating chairs, these covers make wedding guests sit for hours comfortably. Made from a smooth and skin-friendly fabric, these chair jackets even prevent any sort of disruption during your important moments.

Additionally, when it comes to using chairs, they usually have a neutral and standard color. Moreover, with bland and dull appearance, these chairs can spoil the wedding photographs. So, all those would-be bride and groom, who wish spectacular photographs and wedding venue, must consider renting chair covers for wedding.

How Can I Add Charm to Wedding Seating?

Embellishments like flowers and balloons add limelight to the venue. Equally adding glamour to a function, the chair covers are the main highlighters of any seating arrangement. Providing an elegant and unique look to chairs, these wrappings come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Assuring an ideal fit to the chairs, these covers provide a superb seating arrangement for each occasion or event.

Funky Style Wedding Chair Covers

The elegant and sophisticated wedding is not the dream of every individual. Therefore, people loving funky look can try experimenting with a completely different and large color range.

No need to follow any rulebook for selecting the colors of chair covers. Simply, choose a dark bow tassel with a light shade cover complementing it.

Theme-Based Wedding Chair Covers

Earlier, the wedding chair covers were available only in white, off-white, or black color. However, today, along with the white color, there’re many different colors available in chair wrappers.

For instance, in a blue and white themed wedding, the chairs are customized by blue and white covers along with trinkets. Additionally, for a masculine embellishment, black and chair covers can also be picked from a wide range available.

Whether it’s a small or big venue for the wedding, make it look magical with the colorful appealing, and affordable chair covers.

affordable chair covers


Elegant Wedding Chair Covers

Easily available to suit the demand of bride and groom on the occasion, the white wrappers made from fine quality fabric can also be used along with the marigold-colored organza sashes.

Types of Wedding Chair Covers: Select Your Favorite From List!

Chiavari Chair Covers

To get an absolute elegance and luxury, the Chiavari chair wraps can work the best. Synonymous with shine, these covers feature ruffled, embroidery, and a slight Pizzazz to the wedding.

Lycra Chair Covers

Lycra chair covers are made of 190 gm of spandex fabric. Designed to snuggle and fit tightly over the chairs, these wraps look flawless and clean, by adding a contemporary, sleek, and elegant finish. Suitable for industrial style metal chairs, these covers are wrinkle-free and pretty.

Polyester Banquet Chair Covers

With a casual look, the Polyester banquet chair covers are preferred mainly for the teardrop-backed chairs. Made of 180gm of polyester fabric, these wraps are ideal for round back chair.

Satin Banquet Chair Covers

Adding an elegant look to the seating arrangement, the silver universal Satin Chair cover reflects light and add shine to the chairs.

Scuba Chair Covers

Another type of cover named- scuba chair cover is used to dress up all tall and short back chairs. With properties like stretching vertically and horizontally, these covers give a breathtaking look to the event.

Spandex Banquet Chair Covers

Usually made of 190 gm of spandex fabric, these covers add a more contemporary and sleek look to the occasion. However, they may give a clumsy look after a while, as these needs to be ironed after every use.

Universal Chair Covers

These wrappers can work with any chair and due to their universal fit, these are very easy to use and decorate the place.Universal Chair Covers


To wrap up, if you don’t want to spoil the visual appearance of the wedding, then search chair covers for sale and buy the one for your special event at an affordable price. Advising on the right usage, you can also rent chair covers for wedding at best rates if looking for spectacular embellishment.

Why should you use chair covers?


Mar 2018
Chair Cover Design

Making the venue look perfect is not an easy task.From getting the perfect lightings to making picture perfect arrangements for your guests surely requires a lot of planning.Working under so much of pressure,it is quite humane to forget certain important aspects such as decorating your chairs by those fancy ivory universal satin chair covers.

You might wonder how important can it be to craft those simple wheatish whitish plastic chairs into gorgeous beauties standing right apart as queens.Before taking this discussion further, let us understand the importance of the banquet chair cover rental system.

Look at the images and try to observe the differences:


Chair Cover Design


Carefully observe the venue in the first location:

The venue has been perfectly color coordinated, making it a perfect to-go option for a beach wedding mabe. With those green carpets beautifully played around with yellow flowers, gives the vibes of the beautiful camely spring making a way into our lives.

Now, have a look at the chairs. Not only do they look uncomfortable to sit for hours, but they also are taking away the feelings that could have had been generated with the breath taking decor.

Now,have a look at the second image:

You might have had noticed that the same types of chairs, with slight amount of creativity added to it,have completely changed the visible appeal of the chairs and make them look a lot more fancier than before. Thus, decorating those tiny rest chairs with those white universal satin chair covers have added up to its beauty and also given perfected the destination with a royal touch.

Thus, you might as well now understand the importance of chair covers, as well as giving utmost importance to the tiniest of details to lighten up your occasion with perfection.

What should we do next?

The answer to this is simple: Rent chair covers for wedding; (only if you want to add on to the visual appeal of your occasion and want to see those contented smiles leaving the venue.)
However, renting chair covers is not as easy as it may sound, for you got to choose from a number of varieties such as:

Black spandex chair cover:Perfect for the bachelorette!

All black and no gold makes it the perfect look for the classy oh so perfect look for your girlies at the bachelorette, or would set up the perfect edm atmosphere wherein you can sit back and enjoy your FIFA.

White universal satin chair cover:Yes, I Do!

The wedding ceremony, that turns out to be the most awaited ceremony for both the families, as well as for the bride and the groom. However, it is quite time-consuming and thus your beloved guests should be presented their seating arrangements with these highly comfortable fancy looking piece of art.These covers would also be widely complimented with the silver universal satin chair covers.

White spandex chair covers:Where’s the food?

These covers would be the perfect match for the dining area, wherein the guests can indulge into falling in love with their dishes, while enjoying the company of the beauty he are sitting on.

Thus, next time you give call to your wedding planner, do not forget to ask him about the most appropriate chair covers for it’s THE BIG DAY meant to be decorated with perfection!

5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Rental Expenses


Jan 2018
Wedding Ring

You do not have to spend too much to make your wedding worth remembering. There are different effective ways to make your wedding memorable without spending too much. Here are a few budget-friendly tips you can use to cut cost and save a few hundreds or thousands of dollars without sacrificing the overall look and outcome of your wedding.

A wedding does not always have to be really expensive to make it worth remembering. The wedding itself is such a memorable event. There are a few things that you can do to cut cost and save a few hundreds or thousands of dollars without sacrificing the overall look and outcome of your wedding.


Wedding ring

Shop around

This is quite obvious but there are a lot of couples who tend to neglect this idea. No matter how huge or small your budget is, it is still best to shop around and look for various wedding planners or suppliers to avoid unnecessary spending’s and to find the best option available for you.

Compare prices and different packages before deciding to settle with one specific provider. This can be quite time-consuming but doing some research first and finding the right wedding rental provider is worth your effort and time.

Enhance the look of your wedding venue

You do not have to spend much for your wedding decor to make your venue look more beautiful and attractive. There are a few effective ways to enhance the overall appearance of your venue without having to set huge amount for the decor. One way is to use linens for your chairs and tables.

Chair covers, for instance, can make a huge difference in your venue. You can use them to cover up ugly chairs and to add a beauty, elegance, class, and visual impact on your event.


chair covers


Wedding chair cover rentals are less extensive than renting high-end wooden chairs. Depending on your location, you can find a lot of linen suppliers that offer cheap chair cover for all types of events.

Pick the right chair

Most of the time wooded chairs are quite expensive. A typical budget conscious couple would want a set of chairs that will not break their bank. One budget-friendly alternative is to rent plastic chairs instead of the wooden ones. You can save as much as 20% to 40% on your chair needs if you do this.

If you are holding your wedding in a reception facility where there are already available free chairs, check with the provider if the chairs are really offered for free or if they are already bundled in the package.

Avoid being charged for damages

If you are renting table linens or chair covers, make sure to take care of them and do preventive measures to avoid being charged for damages. Most chair cover rental companies charge a replacement fee for permanently damaged or heavily stained fabrics.


Decorative Candles


Some effective preventive measures include (1) preparing ashtrays so if your guests smoke, they can properly dispose of their cigarette in there, thus preventing the ash from staining the linen or preventing the cigarette from leaving burn marks on the fabric, and (2) using candle holders or placing a tray under each candle to avoid the melted wax from dripping onto the table cover.

Check the package rental deals

Getting a package rental deal is not always a good idea. Though it may seem more economical at first look, it is still better to check it for details. The package may include things you actually don’t need or it may be too large for you. If this is the case, you may be wasting your money by paying for those extra items you don’t need that are already included in the package. In most cases, you can save more if you only rent chair covers NY or others items you really need.

Satin Chair Sashes: 4 Different Ways To Use Them


Jan 2018
Satin Sashes

Satin is one of the most popular fabrics used for chair sashes. It has a glossy and smooth finish that can make the chairs look more stylish, cozy, elegant, and uniquely beautiful. But the satin sash is not only ideal for chairs and chair covers. You can likewise use them in many different artistic ways.

If you were to choose one specific fabric for your chair sashes, what would that be andwhy? This is just one of the few questions I often receive from clients who have no idea or those who are doubtful about what chair sashes to pick. If I were to choose one, I will go for satin chair sashes and I know many of you who are familiar with the different types of fabrics for sashes also agree with me.

satin chair sashes

Why? There are a lot of reasons why many people love satin sashes more than any other types of sashes. For one, it is easier to work with as compared to other materials. Although satin sashes rentals and satin fabric are typically more expensive than its counterpart organza sashes, many still pick it over the latter because it is simpler and easier to use. Its unique design and glossy finish can accentuate a plain looking chair and can make the entire atmosphere of your event venue more stylish, cozy, elegant, and uniquely beautiful.

But satin sashes are not only ideal for chairs and chair covers. You can likewise use them in many different artistic ways. Here are a few ways you can use your collection of satin chair sashes.

Satin sashes as bouquet wrap

One artistic way to utilize the beauty of satin sashes is to use them as a bouquet wrap. Satin sashes, in general, come in a standard size that is not only ideal for chair cover bows and ribbons but also for creating flower bouquet wraps. A pink satin sash, for instance, can surely make your wedding bouquet more stunning and creative. It can as well add color and character to your floral.


cheap satin chair sashes

Satin sashes for drapes

Do you have some satin sashes left from the previous event you have hosted? Well, don’t just leave them and let them be rotten in your storage. You can repurpose your old turquoise satin sash as a tie for your drapes. It is time to make your unstyled and shapeless drapery look more lively and eye-catching by tying it with satin sash.

Satin sashes as table bow

Got a lot of satin sashes but no or less number of chairs? Well, worry no more. You can use your extra satin sashes to decorate your cocktail table and your event venue as well. One way of making an ordinary looking cocktail table look gorgeous is by covering it with a pretty tablecloth. But do you know that you can actually further enhance the beauty and overall appeal of your cocktail table by tying a satin sash on its leg? Yes, satin sashes can be a fantastic statement to your already gorgeous cocktail table.

Satin sashes as a gift bow

Satin fabric has long been used as a gift wrapper especially in areas like Japan and Korea. Satin sashes, on the other end, are one of the most popular choices for decorating and packaging corporate products.

The tactile and visual appeal of satin’s smooth and shiny surface can enhance the value of your product (in the case of corporate giveaways for instance) or can make your gift item look more classy and more expensive.

You can use an ivory satin sash as a bow for your bright colored gift box. You can likewise use it to tie your books to make the entire package look more festive.



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