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How to utilize cheap satin sashes in the best way?


Jun 2018
White Sashes

One of the most popular fabrics i.e. chair sashes can be utilized in multiple ways. The elegant, stylish, and unique chair sashes are the best way to enhance the look of anything. So, use the following guidelines so that you can reuse the fine quality cheap satin chair sashes whenever you want.

cheap satin chair sashes


Here we go:

As a gift Bow

We all love the smile that comes on the face when you bestow something upon your loved ones. You can make your gift packing attractive with fine quality satin sashes. You can prefer pink, silver, or black sashes for this purpose. If you want to decorate the Christmas gifts, red sash would suit the most. You can use white accessories to decorate the Christmas gifts in the right way. In many countries, people wrap gifts inside Turquoise satin sash as well. So, pick your favorite color and gift the bundle of joy to your close ones.

As a bouquet wrap

The key to a great marriage is to ensure that everything is in managed and harmonized manner. Being a bride, you might have brought a matching accessory to your gown including the pair of the shoe as well. But aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, it’s the bouquet! Everyone will adore you when you will hold the beautiful bouquet in your hands. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on wedding bouquet, all you need to do is just utilize the chair sash. The size of almost every chair sash is ideal to wrap a bouquet. You can use white or purple satin sash depending on your wedding theme. In fact, you can also choose the sash tie or floral to enhance the look of the bouquet.

Champagne satin sash


As a drape

Drape bow is another way to utilize the sashes. Be it any occasion, the sashes will give a stylish look to the draper. From quality to the pattern, you can choose the sash of the desired type. Besides, an eggplant satin sash will beautify the drape in the best way. You can also DIY the shapeless and unstylish sashes as well.

As a table bow

Do you have many sashes? Utilize them at the right place. Decorate the tables at any occasion with the high-quality sashes and let everyone stun with the look. The Champagne satin sash is ideal for that purpose. These sashes will go with any sort of event. Also, you can use multiple sashes for embellishing the tables. Any ordinary cocktail table can be transformed into modish and appealing tables in a minute.

Silver satin sash


Using Silver satin sash on the legs of the table will add a luxurious look to your event. The chair sashes could be the fantastic choice to augment your already amazing cocktail table.

The Conclusion

You can make the sashes look even better on the bouquet, tables, and many other things by following right methods. Use this guide so that you can get the most out of your attractive yet cheap satin chair sashes anytime.

So, follow the guide now!

Comprehend Advantages and Significance of Renting Chair Covers in Michigan


May 2018
Pink Satin Sash

For a beautiful arrangement of any occasion such as table overlays for a wedding, best efforts are needed so that every eye falls in love with it instantly. Moreover, the beauty of any event is always double folded because of its embellishment that further makes a happy occasion even more joyful.

chair covers


Thus, by delving deeper into the significance and benefits of arranging rented chair covers, let’s plan the wedding.

What is the significance of Rented Chair Covers in Michigan for an Event?

Be it any wedding’s event, a bride always wishes to have everything looks perfect. Whether it is the event location, decoration, or theme, one tries to take care of everything from food to every other minute detail that creates a big difference on the occasion. Here, giving importance to banquet chair cover might sound a little weird and a money-squandering thing but in reality, it creates an event extraordinary by contributing majorly.

Therefore, while selecting seat covers, make sure that they compliment the event’s embellishment. Choosing from appropriate chair cover material to the right colors of cover; it is exceptionally important to select what matches with the event. As, whenever the decoration or theme of the wedding is designed, one makes sure that all the guests enjoy it to the fullest and appreciate every bit of it because anything dingy can spoil the whole event.

Match Chair Covers Rentals with Event Theme

Wedding events always come with responsibilities. However, if chair covers like White Universal Satin Chair Cover are left, and you’re relying on decorator’s decision for it, think again! As many a times chair covers don’t match with the other decorative items, are not up to the quality, and even have a stain on them. Spoiling the complete look of an event, if you don’t wish anything to fall out of place then, include the right color, material, and type of chair covers, matching with the rest of the arrangements.

Ample of seat covers are available in different material and color with alluring designs and patterns to select from. And, the best part is, these chair covers on wholesale don’t burn a hole in the pocket as one easily get the chair covers on rent.

 chair covers on wholesale


Make a List of Your Needs

During the search for wedding chair cover rentals, one must find a reliable and renowned rental chair-cover service provider. After this, one must be aware of his need, which also includes a defined count of seats. Here, length, width, and height of the chair should also be determined, as the final aim is to verify the chair cover fitting on the furniture.

Otherwise, without right facts and exact measurements, one may end up with covers that don’t fit the seating, the way he/she wished.

How Can I Manage My Budget by Renting Chair Covers?

Whether you are searching for rental Spandex Cambro Covers, Wedding Table Skirts, or Spandex Banquet Chair Cover, each type of covers are available online. Thus, it’s always a wise option to arrange such entities on rent. Granting elegance to an event, these covers also allow one to manage his budget, accordingly.

Spandex Banquet Chair Cover


To set in a better way, one must do prior budget planning for decoration to avoid any controversy, later. As knowing the financial budget can help smooth renting chair covers in Michigan along with the other accessories. Afterward, get in touch with a great chair cover service providers and arrange the wedding with chic or sophisticated décor at affordable prices.

Why the Chair Covers For Sale by Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens Are the Best


Feb 2018
Rent Chair covers Michigan

For any event to leave beautiful and sweet memories in the minds of the attendees, one must go that extra mile in ensuring that everything about the occasion is beautiful too. You want your event to be the talk of the town for all the right reasons. The entertainment, activities and most importantly the decoration should be on point. The theme colors should complement each other.  The chairs in the event need to have covers to make the event look more elegant and add a dash of color.  Chair covers can transform your ‘boring’ banquet chairs into objects of beauty. The high-quality chair covers for sale and rent by Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens are some of the best chair covers available in Michigan, USA today. Some of the reasons to buy or rent from us include.

Value for money

The chair covers from Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens are relatively cheaper compared to others from other companies. If your budget is constrained hence you are in no position to purchase; you have the option to take these chair covers for rent. The prices for both renting and purchasing are quite affordable, and most people can easily afford these cheap chair covers.  Partners are offered a 10% credit on the orders. When a person buys or rents these chair covers wholesale they are offered a favorable price on the purchases.


The chair covers for sale are of various designs, colors as well as styles. No matter the occasion, we have the covers to suit it. Whether you are looking for white spandex chair covers or all you want are covers for your chairs for an occasion, you will find them here. The black spandex chair covers are also available.

black chair cover

Cover up those imperfections on your chairs

During the first few times you use your chairs when they are still new, they may not require covers. However, after being used for a while, they will start fading, get chipped and become imperfect as well as ugly. With the right covers, it will be easy to hide the chair imperfections and keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.

chair cover


Why us

The above are just some of the reasons why Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens is the best option as a supplier of cheap chair covers. We have the solution to your every event decoration needs. The wide selection of covers in various colors as well as styles and wholesale pricing make Simply Elegant Chairs & linens have the best chair covers for sale and rent.

We take on the responsibility of cleaning and doing all the work making the work of the event planners and other renters easier as they do not have to do it themselves. All you have to do is rent, order from us or become one of our partners. We use our experience and excellent customer service to make your event turn out just the way you want it and even better. Choose Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens as your provider of chair covers that suit your occasion.

Which color combination is perfect for your wedding?


Feb 2018
Wedidng Platinum Rings

One other best way to make your wedding unique and worth remembering is to carefully choose the color motif of your wedding. To make your wedding stand out, choose a color palette that’s unique and fresh. If you are looking for ideas as to what color palette you will pick for your wedding, here are a few suggested wedding color combinations you can use.

We all want to make our wedding stand out and to become memorable and pleasant for everyone. We want it to be something our family, friends, loved ones, and guests will want to talk about positively in months or even years to come. There are a lot of ways to achieve these goals. You can make the venue more cozy and comfortable by renting linens like chair covers, table runners, and chair satin sashes from a reliable chair covers rental company. You can likewise go play with the lighting effects to set a pleasant mood in the reception hall.


Wedidng Platinum Rings

One other best way to make your wedding unique and worth remembering is to carefully choose the color motif of your wedding. To make your wedding stand out, choose a color palette that’s unique and fresh. Think about the bigger picture of your event and about the other important details like the type of wedding you want, the season, and the venue. What mood do you want to set for your wedding? Do you want it to be more intimate and lavish or do you want it to be lively and fun?

If you are looking for ideas as to what color palette you will pick for your event, take a look at some of the suggested wedding color combinations below that you might not have seen yet.

Silver, yellow, and gray color combination

If you’re wedding is set during fall and you want to achieve a contemporary look, you can try the color combination of silver, yellow, and gray. For a more modern effect, pair it with sleek details, nice graphic prints, and clean lines. To further make your event venue more glamorous and sophisticated, use silver mercury glass and tie a silver satin sash around the back every chair.

Gold, navy, and eggplant color combination

This color combination is also ideal for weddings that set on the fall season. This combi plus champagne and live music can help you achieve an art-deco and cozy set up. Cover your chairs with gold chair cover and add an eggplant satin sash. You can also add other metallic colors like brassy copper to make the palette a bit more lively.

Yellow, magenta, and poppy color combination

For an open-air summer wedding, choose a combination of vibrant colors like yellow, magenta, and poppy. It is also best to pair this palette with neutral colors. For instance, tie a yellow satin sash around a chair that’s covered with plain neutral chair cover.


yellow satin sash

Ivory, sage, and gold color combination

Perhaps one of the most versatile color combinations is the ivory + sage + gold palette. You can use this palette for both indoor and outdoor weddings any time of the year. To make this soft palette more inspiring and uniquely beautiful, add something that’s related to the seasonal weather. An ivory chair cover and a gold satin sash can also make up a perfect pair.

Cornflower blue, powder blue, and chartreuse color combination

This unusual color motif is perfect for garden weddings especially those that are set during the spring season. This color combination can make up a lively, elegant, and cozy wedding motif with a touch of royalty. Tie a cornflower blue or turquoise satin sash on your chair and you’ll be surprised how it can transform your event venue into something more stunning.


Satin Chair Sashes: 4 Different Ways To Use Them


Jan 2018
Satin Sashes

Satin is one of the most popular fabrics used for chair sashes. It has a glossy and smooth finish that can make the chairs look more stylish, cozy, elegant, and uniquely beautiful. But the satin sash is not only ideal for chairs and chair covers. You can likewise use them in many different artistic ways.

If you were to choose one specific fabric for your chair sashes, what would that be andwhy? This is just one of the few questions I often receive from clients who have no idea or those who are doubtful about what chair sashes to pick. If I were to choose one, I will go for satin chair sashes and I know many of you who are familiar with the different types of fabrics for sashes also agree with me.

satin chair sashes

Why? There are a lot of reasons why many people love satin sashes more than any other types of sashes. For one, it is easier to work with as compared to other materials. Although satin sashes rentals and satin fabric are typically more expensive than its counterpart organza sashes, many still pick it over the latter because it is simpler and easier to use. Its unique design and glossy finish can accentuate a plain looking chair and can make the entire atmosphere of your event venue more stylish, cozy, elegant, and uniquely beautiful.

But satin sashes are not only ideal for chairs and chair covers. You can likewise use them in many different artistic ways. Here are a few ways you can use your collection of satin chair sashes.

Satin sashes as bouquet wrap

One artistic way to utilize the beauty of satin sashes is to use them as a bouquet wrap. Satin sashes, in general, come in a standard size that is not only ideal for chair cover bows and ribbons but also for creating flower bouquet wraps. A pink satin sash, for instance, can surely make your wedding bouquet more stunning and creative. It can as well add color and character to your floral.


cheap satin chair sashes

Satin sashes for drapes

Do you have some satin sashes left from the previous event you have hosted? Well, don’t just leave them and let them be rotten in your storage. You can repurpose your old turquoise satin sash as a tie for your drapes. It is time to make your unstyled and shapeless drapery look more lively and eye-catching by tying it with satin sash.

Satin sashes as table bow

Got a lot of satin sashes but no or less number of chairs? Well, worry no more. You can use your extra satin sashes to decorate your cocktail table and your event venue as well. One way of making an ordinary looking cocktail table look gorgeous is by covering it with a pretty tablecloth. But do you know that you can actually further enhance the beauty and overall appeal of your cocktail table by tying a satin sash on its leg? Yes, satin sashes can be a fantastic statement to your already gorgeous cocktail table.

Satin sashes as a gift bow

Satin fabric has long been used as a gift wrapper especially in areas like Japan and Korea. Satin sashes, on the other end, are one of the most popular choices for decorating and packaging corporate products.

The tactile and visual appeal of satin’s smooth and shiny surface can enhance the value of your product (in the case of corporate giveaways for instance) or can make your gift item look more classy and more expensive.

You can use an ivory satin sash as a bow for your bright colored gift box. You can likewise use it to tie your books to make the entire package look more festive.



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