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Why Opting For Wedding Chair Cover Rentals Is A Convenient Option?


Aug 2018
wedding chair cover rentals

A wedding brings along with it a number of expenses. Be it small or big; the wedding expenses could cost you a fortune. From designing your dress to every flower decorated on the venue, things could end up making your pockets empty. This is where rentals come to the picture.

Renting decorative stuff rather than buying it could save the day. One such example is the wedding chair cover rentals. This is one accessory a wedding venue can’t do without but you would certainly not need it once the wedding is over. Renting it is always a great option that many providers around readily offer.

Read on to explore more of such reasons that would divert you towards renting rather than purchasing.

Rentals vs. Purchasing

  • Customization Is The Key:

The first and the most important reason is the customization. The rental providers will assess your theme and discuss with you the wedding ideas. This would further help in choosing the chair covers for the venue in a way that suits your style and decor around.

The only purpose of such customization is to create a perfect wedding venue for you. The renting providers also offer satin sashes for wholesale making things much easier for you. These sashes are in contrast with the chair covers thus adding attractiveness to the entire setup.

  • No Penny Pinching:

As already discussed, renting out chair covers can save you a fortune. This is one affordable option that includes a one-time cost. Neither you have to pay the whole price nor, you need to shift the covers to the storeroom and regret later.

When renting affordable chair covers, you could choose from best of best materials and beautiful stain sashes just like a cherry on the cake. What could be better than blending affordability with the decoration perfection?

affordable chair covers

  • Less of Mess:

A lot goes into a wedding. You may already be stressed out with the other stuff and may not have time for peeking into the smaller details. This is where renting chair covers could save your time. An added advantage is the table overlays for wedding that you can easily rent along.

Be it, red, black, white or blue; or any other shade that may come to your mind, chair cover rental providers have it all. You may also customize the measurements that would fit your chair size well. What else could you ask for?

  • Less of Stress:

The question that would run down your mind after the wedding is, “What do I do with these chair covers now?” Another thing that you would be worried about is the space that would need for storing them.

That is why renting is always a much considerable option when looking for buying cheap chair covers. All you need is to look for online providers that are readily available in your area. Once the wedding is done, voila! The covers will be the least botheration to you and your family.


cheap chair covers


Wrapping Up

Looking at why it is always better to rent than purchase, opting for wedding chair cover rentals should be a sure thing at your wedding.

Your wedding would be remembered down the memory lane when you design your space with best of chair covers and sashes that make it all look like a miracle. You could easily rent chair covers in Michigan and make the most of this opportunity.

Organza Sashes- The Nifty Styles to try now!


Apr 2018
Satin Sash Rental

Is your wedding near? Do you want the elegant chair covers for the special day in Organza? Yes! Here your time to get the best Organza sashes style for your wedding. You can make the magnificent sash styles even with your favorite hot pink Organza sash too.

Organza sashes

Choose any of the styles to make stun everyone at the wedding:

Rosie Rosette

When it comes to giving the classy look to the Turquoise Organza Sashes, nothing could be better than Rosette. As the name suggests, this style refers the rose shape that you can create in no time with the sash. To create Rosette, just wrap the ends of the sash in such a way that you are going to make a customary bow. Secure the ends by pulling over one end over the other. Now, start twisting the ends until you are left with only a fewer portion of the sash. You can even use this elegant style for the Champagne Organza Sash as well.

Flip those Corners

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional sash style, flip over is the one you need to create. A few steps include for creating the flip over. First, follow the basic instructions to create the standard knot. When you are done with the standard knot, take the longer drooping end and flip it in a way that it comes over and under the knot altogether. If your chair sash is a bit long, you can flip it over twice. In the end, smoothen and straighten the flaps as required. The best black Organza sash will enhance the look even better.

Double Wrap Knot

This could be tad tricky but not difficult to do. The real beauty of this style is that the chair has that the bow is made on the center. You can make double wrap knot, begin from the central point of the chair rather than the top. Hold each end in your hand and slowly wrap it around the chair. Make sure that the crossings face the front only. Now, take the end again and wrap it around the front. In the backside, cross over the ends and complete the style by making a bow or a knot. The double wrap knot gives the extra splashes of color such as a high-quality silver Organza sash.

cheap Organza sashFlowery Loop

The majestic sash design for the chair one can get by making the loop flower in no time. It’s similar to Rosette to some extents. You can create this sash style in a few minutes. All you have to do is just follow the traditional bow creation procedure by creating the small loops moderately. Don’t forget to make another bow with the hanging ends. Normally, there are four loops and two small hanging ends. Make a fuzz of the loops put each loop above the contiguous loop.

eggplant Organza sash

The eggplant Organza sash is the best choice to make the style that you can easily find in the market.

The Traditional Bow

You might have seen the traditional bow almost in every marriage or some special occasions. This style is famous due to its easy-peasy procedure to make and also it’s less time-consuming. So, to make the traditional bow, hold the ends of the chair sash in your hands and wrap around the sash to the front. Loop one side on the other by making crossing the ends. Make a bow and adjust as needed. It’s as easy as tying your shoelaces. The purple Organza sash would even add a more beauty to the entire arrangement.

Nifty! Isn’t it?

Use any of the above styles for the Organza sashes and voila! You are all set for the big day in a cost-effective way. If you don’t have much time to prepare the chairs using traditional bow style is the best idea. In another case, use any of the amazing styles.

Just follow the entire procedure and let your marriage be a fairy-tale for everyone.       

Sash Up Your Event With These Different Types Of Chair Sashes


Dec 2017
Gold Satin Sash

You would want your event to be as special, as memorable, and as enjoyable as it can be. There are various ways to achieve this and one of these ways is to enhance the beauty of your event set-up and decor by dressing your chairs with chair covers and decorating them with beautiful satin sashes.

Whether you are holding an anniversary celebration, a birthday party, a corporate event, wedding, or any other special occasion, chair covers can be a great addition to your event venue. Pair them with equally beautiful and eye-catching chair sashes to bring your event decor a notch higher.

Chair sashes are available in different sizes, cuts, fabrics, and colors. They can also be tied to the chair in many ways. Among the different ways to tie chair sashes are bow, side bow, knot, side knot, obi, double loop, flip over, rosette, double wrap, and more.

Satin Sashes

Satin sashes are made of satin fabric. They offer a shiny, elegant, and flowing finish. Satin is a sheer fabric that shines and reflects light well. Satin sashes can add a bold statement of color for your event venue. When wrapped around the chair that is covered with chair covers, it will radiate grace and elegance to the entire room, giving your event more vivid and festive.

Satin sashes are available in a wide range of colors. Among the most popular are the silver satin sash, ivory satin sash, black satin sash, pink satin sash, champagne satin sash, purple satin sash, turquoise satin sash, lavender satin sash, burgundy satin ash, deep Red satin sash, and mauve satin sash.

Fushcia chir cover

Satin sashes are made of satin fabric. They offer a shiny, elegant, and flowing finish. Satin is a sheer fabric that shines and reflects light well. Satin sashes can add a bold statement of color for your event venue. When wrapped around the chair that is covered with chair covers, it will radiate grace and elegance to the entire room, giving your event more vivid and festive.

Satin sashes are available in a wide range of colors. Among the most popular are the silver satin sash, ivory satin sash, black satin sash, pink satin sash, champagne satin sash, purple satin sash, turquoise satin sash, lavender satin sash, burgundy satin ash, deep Red satin sash, and mauve satin sash.

Spandex Chair Bands

spandex chair bands

Spandex chair bands is a kind of chair sash that is made of synthetic fiber that is popularly known for being exceptional elastic. Spandex, also referred to as elastane or lycra, is a fabric that is more durable and stronger than a natural rubber. Spandex chair bands offer a sleek and contemporary finish. They can easily fit into any type of chair.

This polyether-polyurea copolymer was invented by chemist Joseph Shivers in 1958 at the DuPont’s Benger Laboratory located in Waynesboro, Virginia. It was first introduced in 1962, and since then it has transformed various areas of the clothing industry.

Organza Sashes

organza sashes


Organza is one of the most popularly used fabrics for sashes. Just like satin sashes, this sheer fabric also offers a smooth and shiny finish that radiates elegance and character to the location.

Organza sashes can perfectly complement just about any type of chair and chair cover. They can help transform your entire event venue into something more classy, festive, and modish and at the same time add panache to your event. Tying organza sashes around the back of your chairs is a perfect way to further accentuate your already beautiful chair covers.

Taffeta SashesTaffeta Sashes


Taffeta is a smooth yet crisp plain woven fabric that is manufactured from cuprammonium rayons or silk. Silk taffeta is available in two different types: the soft variation known as the piece-dyed taffeta and the stiffer variation called the yarn-dyed taffeta. For sashes and linens, we use the piece-dyed taffeta because it is quite soft.

Each of these types of chair sashes can help you achieve the unique design and classy look that you want for your event venue. You can play with your artistic and creative abilities to ensure that the sashes you have chosen will harmonize well with your motif. You can also use the other types of sashes (such as the embroidered chair sash, pintuck chair sash, damask chair sashes, jute, lace, and burlap) when accessorizing your special occasion.

5 Awesome Ways To Decorate Bride And Groom’s Wedding Chairs


Nov 2017
Organza Sash

Part of the event venue decoration is the bride and groom’s wedding chair. Below are some creative and fun ways to make the newly wed’s chairs stand out among the rest.

Styling the chairs with organza sashes

Organza is among the most favorite fabrics used for chair sashes. Its shimmering and smooth finish can further enhance the beauty of your chair. Organza sashes are available in different sizes and shades. Among the most commonly used sashes, though, are burgundy organza sash, silver organza sash, champagne organza sash, eggplant organza sash, hot pink organza sash, and purple organza sash.

Organza Sash

There are many ways to play with your organza sashes. If you think that the traditional bow style seems so common and boring, you can opt for the other 9 alternative ways to tie them. You can try the double loop flower, side bow, knot, side knot, obi, rosette, flip over, double wrap knot, and double wrap knot styles.

Dress it up with chair covers

Let’s face it, not all of us are fortunate enough to have perfect looking chairs. If your chair is not that gorgeous enough, you can dress it up with a beautiful chair cover. Wedding chair covers come in various fabrics, sizes, and colors. With the wide array of options, you will surely be able to find the right cover that will not only fit your chair but will as well best suit your event motif. You can tie pretty sashes around your chair’s back to complete the look.

Floral Styling

With the right choice of flowers, you can add a wow factor and fresh statement on your decoration. You can go for small side posys or go grand with floral heavy garlands. For a more lovely look, use fresh flowers instead of the plastic ones.

floral styling decoration

You can tie little bouquets to the back of the chair or call someone professional to make custom signs out of the fresh flowers. Further embellish the bride and groom’s wedding chair by adding some pretty ribbons. This is a great way to add color and character to your decor.

Framed childhood photos

Add spice to your decor by hanging framed childhood photos of both the groom and the bride. It’s such a simple decor idea but is truly adorable and unique. If you are bold enough, pick the photos with the wackiest post. This will surely make your wedding more memorable.

Styling around the season

Another unique way to enhance the beauty of the bride and groom’s chairs is to style them based on the current season. For an autumn wedding, you can use apple garlands. If your wedding happens during spring, the best option is to ornament your chairs with freshly picked spring flowers.

Styling the chairs with organza sashes

Tying a miniature fresh-greenery wreath at the back of the chair is perfect for Christmas season weddings. Pair it with sheer, lacy seat covers to make the decor more stylish and appealing.

There are certainly many different ways to beautify the bride and groom’s chair. Apart from those that are mentioned above, you can also try hanging framed silhouettes of the couple, fresh greenery, lace and ribbons, decorative mason jars, and a lot more.

Jazz Up Your Event Decor By Adding Organza Sashes


Oct 2017
Cheap Organza Sashes

There are various ways to make your event decor extra special and beautiful. One effective yet economical way is to add sashes. Although they are basically called chair sashes, they can be used to decorate any part of your event venue. You can use shimmering organza sashes to add a little something extra to the statement of your decor.

Here are a few interesting and fun ways to tie your organza chair sashes.

Bow Style

Organza Sashes

Perhaps, the most popular way of tying chair sashes is the bow style. Many people consider this their favorite style because of two reasons: first is it is quick to do, and second is it is as easy as tying a shoelace. You can tie a center bow or bring it to the side of the chair to create a side bow.

Knot Style

Knot Style Organza Sashes

When it comes to fast and easy way to tie a chair sash, next to the traditional bow style is the knot style. Unlike the traditional bow, the knot provides a less frilly and slightly different look.

Obi StyleObi Style Organza Sashes

If you want something out of the box, try the obi style. Although this way of tying a chair sash provides a unique shimmering finish, it can be a bit challenging and more time consuming as compared to know and bow styles. Alternatively, you can try the one-looped bow. It is like tying a bow but with one loop relatively smaller than the other. The smaller loop will then be covered by the hanging ends.

Rosette StyleRosette Style Organza Sashes

It is like making a rose with the use of the chair sash. This alternative way to tie an organza sash provides a beautiful and extra elegant finish. The downside of doing the rosette style tie, though, is it consumes a lot of time. If you will be handling many chairs, be sure you have enough number of people to assist you.

If your budget is rather limited, adding chair sashes is a perfect way to jazz up your event venue without breaking your bank. Organza sashes rentals are available at only $0.45 per piece but if you decide to buy sashes instead of just renting them, Simply Elegant Chair Covers and Linen offers them for only $0.70 per piece. If you are planning to use the chair sashes for future events, it is wiser to just purchase them. However, if you will use them for a one-time event like a wedding, you can rent them instead.

Organza Chair Sashes

Organza sashes measure 108 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. This gives you plenty of room to tie them in whichever way you want. They are available in a wide range of colors including white, ivory, gold, champagne, lilac, lavender, purple, mauve, eggplant, light blue, navy blue, royal blue, turquoise, mint green, sage green, burgundy, peach, deep red, coral pink, red, yellow, orange, burnt, chocolate, copper, silver, black, and many more. Given this wide array of colors to choose from, you will surely be able to find the one that would best mix and match with your chair covers and your event motif in general.

Aside from organza, there are also other fabrics used for chair sashes. This includes taffeta, satin, lace, burlap, and lycra. Each of these fabrics is available in different colors, sizes, textures, and cuts.

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