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Top 4 Reasons That Make Table Overlays for Weddings worth an Investment


Jul 2018
Table Overlays

Weddings call for celebration. This is one day that people expect to be the best in their life. Every minute detail of décor can make a difference and add glamour and beauty to the wedding venue. Be it the chairs or the tables, both of them hold the capability to make the place shine if the décor is done the right way.


Tablecloths are one thing and table overlays for weddings another. Table overlays are extra table covers that partially cover the top of the tablecloths and act as a cherry on the top. These covers add elegance and beauty to the décor which makes the event venue look attractive and decent.

Want to know why choosing table overlays could be a good investment? Then, read on.

Table Overlays- Making a Difference

  • A Billion Dream Appearance

Simple tablecloths are a thing of the past now. Table overlays or extra table covering is the new revolution in the world of décor. Whether it is the organza table overlay or a satin overlay, the impact that it puts on venue décor is noteworthy.

Table overlays can be contrasted with tablecloths and chair covers to add that extra attractiveness. This would add to the dining experience of guest and the ball would definitely end in your court when people would boast about the décor later. When looking for a combination of tablecloths, table overlays, and affordable chair covers, buying online could be a reliable option.

  • Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Be it the material variance, the size or the color variance; a variety that table overlays offer the option to customize the wedding décor well. Organza or the sheer fabric made from silk looks elegant and is used extensively used in décor arena. On the other hand, the satin table overlays make the décor look glossy and attractive.Table Overlays


From black to white all types of colors are available for table overlays that one could choose from. An added advantage of table overlays is that they are also available in varied size so that they do not look clumsy and ruin the idea of overlaying altogether. You could also look for chair covers for sale online to match to the differently styled table overlays.

  • A Presentation Worth A  look

A perfect wedding is all about how you present things. Doing what everyone does is the thing of the past now. Thinking out of the box and adding an oomph factor to the existing décor idea can make a difference.

Adding table overlays to top-up the tablecloths and contrasting chair covers to complement the looks can add to the overall presentation value. If everything looks dreamy and perfect, nothing could be more beautiful than that. You could easily rent chair covers in NY along with matching table overlays and contrasting tablecloths when where to buy décor essentials is in question.

  • Shell On The Table Cloths

Sometimes tablecloths may become dirty over a period of time. But when you add table overlays to top it all, it would protect the tablecloth from dirt, dust, and stains. Also, table overlays are easier to clean owing to its smaller dimensions.

Opt for contrasting table overlays that not only complements the tablecloth in terms of color but the style too. Also, wedding chair cover rental options can be explored when looking for a comprehensive set of toning décor options.


These were some benefits you would get when buying table overlays for your wedding décor. Keep in mind to look for wedding table overlays and tablecloths and wedding chair cover rentals options online to save big on décor options.

Organza Sashes- The Nifty Styles to try now!


Apr 2018
Satin Sash Rental

Is your wedding near? Do you want the elegant chair covers for the special day in Organza? Yes! Here your time to get the best Organza sashes style for your wedding. You can make the magnificent sash styles even with your favorite hot pink Organza sash too.

Organza sashes

Choose any of the styles to make stun everyone at the wedding:

Rosie Rosette

When it comes to giving the classy look to the Turquoise Organza Sashes, nothing could be better than Rosette. As the name suggests, this style refers the rose shape that you can create in no time with the sash. To create Rosette, just wrap the ends of the sash in such a way that you are going to make a customary bow. Secure the ends by pulling over one end over the other. Now, start twisting the ends until you are left with only a fewer portion of the sash. You can even use this elegant style for the Champagne Organza Sash as well.

Flip those Corners

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional sash style, flip over is the one you need to create. A few steps include for creating the flip over. First, follow the basic instructions to create the standard knot. When you are done with the standard knot, take the longer drooping end and flip it in a way that it comes over and under the knot altogether. If your chair sash is a bit long, you can flip it over twice. In the end, smoothen and straighten the flaps as required. The best black Organza sash will enhance the look even better.

Double Wrap Knot

This could be tad tricky but not difficult to do. The real beauty of this style is that the chair has that the bow is made on the center. You can make double wrap knot, begin from the central point of the chair rather than the top. Hold each end in your hand and slowly wrap it around the chair. Make sure that the crossings face the front only. Now, take the end again and wrap it around the front. In the backside, cross over the ends and complete the style by making a bow or a knot. The double wrap knot gives the extra splashes of color such as a high-quality silver Organza sash.

cheap Organza sashFlowery Loop

The majestic sash design for the chair one can get by making the loop flower in no time. It’s similar to Rosette to some extents. You can create this sash style in a few minutes. All you have to do is just follow the traditional bow creation procedure by creating the small loops moderately. Don’t forget to make another bow with the hanging ends. Normally, there are four loops and two small hanging ends. Make a fuzz of the loops put each loop above the contiguous loop.

eggplant Organza sash

The eggplant Organza sash is the best choice to make the style that you can easily find in the market.

The Traditional Bow

You might have seen the traditional bow almost in every marriage or some special occasions. This style is famous due to its easy-peasy procedure to make and also it’s less time-consuming. So, to make the traditional bow, hold the ends of the chair sash in your hands and wrap around the sash to the front. Loop one side on the other by making crossing the ends. Make a bow and adjust as needed. It’s as easy as tying your shoelaces. The purple Organza sash would even add a more beauty to the entire arrangement.

Nifty! Isn’t it?

Use any of the above styles for the Organza sashes and voila! You are all set for the big day in a cost-effective way. If you don’t have much time to prepare the chairs using traditional bow style is the best idea. In another case, use any of the amazing styles.

Just follow the entire procedure and let your marriage be a fairy-tale for everyone.       

Make your wedding more memorable with these Chair Covers, Table Fabrics & Linens


Apr 2018
Cheap chair covers for rent

Linens can play an important role in the overall impact of your event decor. They are in fact easiest and quickest way to enhance the look and feel of any event decoration. Some of these linens are chair covers, table overlays, table runners, and table skirts.

Linens can play an important role in the overall impact of your event decor. Since the tables and chairs form a huge part of the entire room or venue, using linens is the easiest and quickest way to enhance the look and feel of any event decoration. There are different ways to play with linens to make your wedding reception look more stunning and uniquely beautiful. Among these are as follows:

Chair covers

Chair covers are fabrics used as a cover for any chair. Dressing your chairs with beautiful chair covers is a surefire way of adding character and sophistication to your venue. Chair covers are available in various colors and fabrics. You will surely find the one that will best fit your taste.

Cheap chair covers for rent

Worried about your dull wooden or perhaps faded imperfect steel or plastic chairs? Worry no more cause chair covers can work like magic. They can turn any dull, faded, and imperfect chair into something beautiful in an instant. Pick the chair cover shade that matches your wedding motif to create continuity and smooth flow of colors.

Table skirts

Table skirts are perhaps not new to you. You use it everywhere- on your tables at home, on restaurants, or even on event venues. They are perfect for highlighting important event tables like trade show display, buffet, dinner, center and wedding tables.

Table Skirts

Wedding table skirts are often made from smooth and flowy fabrics like silk and satin. They offer a classic look to any type, size, and shape of the table, may it be small, big, round, square, rectangular, plastic, wooden, steel, or concrete table. You can simply lay them over the tables for a simple and tidy look, or use some table skirt clips and play with your imagination and creativity to come up with a one of kind folding/clipping style or design.

For a more amazing look, rent table linens or tablecloth together with the skirt.

Table Overlays

For a more classy and stylish event table, add another layer of linen. You can use the table overlays for such purpose. Cheap table overlays are the go-to and must-have accessory not only for many wedding coordinators and event planners but also for DIYers.

Table Overlays

Rent table overlays that complement your event motif’s design palette. They are available in a wide array of sizes, colors, and fabrics. The most elegant and popular fabrics used for table overlays are satin, organza, and burlap.

Table overlays for wedding are quite expensive but you will surely not mind the price if you see how luxurious your event table will look like with them. Pair them with a beautiful tablecloth to make the entire setting look perfectly beautiful.

Table Runners

Table Runners

Table runners are definitely not just an ordinary piece of fabric. They are a versatile option to provide a brilliant contrast of color and texture to any table most especially when paired with a lovely tablecloth. If you think that table overlays are a bit more expensive for you if you don’t want to cover the entire table with table overlays, the table runners are your next best option. They are also available in various colors and fabrics (e.g. burlap, satin, and organza).

So, there you go- the different types of linens and fabrics that you can use for your chairs and tables to make your wedding event venue look and feel more pleasing and inviting.

Why should you use chair covers?


Mar 2018
Chair Cover Design

Making the venue look perfect is not an easy task.From getting the perfect lightings to making picture perfect arrangements for your guests surely requires a lot of planning.Working under so much of pressure,it is quite humane to forget certain important aspects such as decorating your chairs by those fancy ivory universal satin chair covers.

You might wonder how important can it be to craft those simple wheatish whitish plastic chairs into gorgeous beauties standing right apart as queens.Before taking this discussion further, let us understand the importance of the banquet chair cover rental system.

Look at the images and try to observe the differences:


Chair Cover Design


Carefully observe the venue in the first location:

The venue has been perfectly color coordinated, making it a perfect to-go option for a beach wedding mabe. With those green carpets beautifully played around with yellow flowers, gives the vibes of the beautiful camely spring making a way into our lives.

Now, have a look at the chairs. Not only do they look uncomfortable to sit for hours, but they also are taking away the feelings that could have had been generated with the breath taking decor.

Now,have a look at the second image:

You might have had noticed that the same types of chairs, with slight amount of creativity added to it,have completely changed the visible appeal of the chairs and make them look a lot more fancier than before. Thus, decorating those tiny rest chairs with those white universal satin chair covers have added up to its beauty and also given perfected the destination with a royal touch.

Thus, you might as well now understand the importance of chair covers, as well as giving utmost importance to the tiniest of details to lighten up your occasion with perfection.

What should we do next?

The answer to this is simple: Rent chair covers for wedding; (only if you want to add on to the visual appeal of your occasion and want to see those contented smiles leaving the venue.)
However, renting chair covers is not as easy as it may sound, for you got to choose from a number of varieties such as:

Black spandex chair cover:Perfect for the bachelorette!

All black and no gold makes it the perfect look for the classy oh so perfect look for your girlies at the bachelorette, or would set up the perfect edm atmosphere wherein you can sit back and enjoy your FIFA.

White universal satin chair cover:Yes, I Do!

The wedding ceremony, that turns out to be the most awaited ceremony for both the families, as well as for the bride and the groom. However, it is quite time-consuming and thus your beloved guests should be presented their seating arrangements with these highly comfortable fancy looking piece of art.These covers would also be widely complimented with the silver universal satin chair covers.

White spandex chair covers:Where’s the food?

These covers would be the perfect match for the dining area, wherein the guests can indulge into falling in love with their dishes, while enjoying the company of the beauty he are sitting on.

Thus, next time you give call to your wedding planner, do not forget to ask him about the most appropriate chair covers for it’s THE BIG DAY meant to be decorated with perfection!

Why the Chair Covers For Sale by Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens Are the Best


Feb 2018
Rent Chair covers Michigan

For any event to leave beautiful and sweet memories in the minds of the attendees, one must go that extra mile in ensuring that everything about the occasion is beautiful too. You want your event to be the talk of the town for all the right reasons. The entertainment, activities and most importantly the decoration should be on point. The theme colors should complement each other.  The chairs in the event need to have covers to make the event look more elegant and add a dash of color.  Chair covers can transform your ‘boring’ banquet chairs into objects of beauty. The high-quality chair covers for sale and rent by Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens are some of the best chair covers available in Michigan, USA today. Some of the reasons to buy or rent from us include.

Value for money

The chair covers from Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens are relatively cheaper compared to others from other companies. If your budget is constrained hence you are in no position to purchase; you have the option to take these chair covers for rent. The prices for both renting and purchasing are quite affordable, and most people can easily afford these cheap chair covers.  Partners are offered a 10% credit on the orders. When a person buys or rents these chair covers wholesale they are offered a favorable price on the purchases.


The chair covers for sale are of various designs, colors as well as styles. No matter the occasion, we have the covers to suit it. Whether you are looking for white spandex chair covers or all you want are covers for your chairs for an occasion, you will find them here. The black spandex chair covers are also available.

black chair cover

Cover up those imperfections on your chairs

During the first few times you use your chairs when they are still new, they may not require covers. However, after being used for a while, they will start fading, get chipped and become imperfect as well as ugly. With the right covers, it will be easy to hide the chair imperfections and keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.

chair cover


Why us

The above are just some of the reasons why Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens is the best option as a supplier of cheap chair covers. We have the solution to your every event decoration needs. The wide selection of covers in various colors as well as styles and wholesale pricing make Simply Elegant Chairs & linens have the best chair covers for sale and rent.

We take on the responsibility of cleaning and doing all the work making the work of the event planners and other renters easier as they do not have to do it themselves. All you have to do is rent, order from us or become one of our partners. We use our experience and excellent customer service to make your event turn out just the way you want it and even better. Choose Simply Elegant Chairs & Linens as your provider of chair covers that suit your occasion.

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