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Reasons Why It Is Time for Banquet Chair Cover Rentals in Your Events


Nov 2018
banquet chair cover rentals

It is an amazing decoration that makes an event look like a special occasion. When it comes to decoration, then what can be more comfortable than setting up chair covers with sashes? Beautiful chair covers with matching sashes in fabrics like satin make the whole event blissful and happening. Now, when we think about having these covers, then we see two options- buying and renting.

Banquet chair cover rentals should always be preferred unless you are not concerned about spending money unnecessarily. There are several strong reasons why you should prefer renting them over buying. Here they are.

It Is Budget-Friendly

This is the most obvious reason why you should opt for rentals and not buying. Choosing a service that offers chair covers, sashes, and tablecloth on rent is a great idea to decorate the event in your budget. Rent chair covers in NY for smart financing, so your big event looks remarkable without being expensive.

Installation Comes Easy

Renting chair covers means all the material comes prepared and you do not have to make any hassle or arrangements. There is no need to check if the covers are cleaned or ironed because everything comes crisp and clean from the rental company. Additionally, several companies offer the setup as well, and so you don’t waste a minute in installation.

Ideas for Your Event’s Theme

chair covers wholesale

A chair covers wholesale not just present you with the options but helps you in choosing that ideal set of covers as per your theme. From tablecloths to sashes, they assist you in finalizing everything.

Lots of Options

Renting chair covers automatically opens up a wide range of options. Whether it is for colors or fabric types, rental companies always offer you a range of varieties. They have lots of packages as per your budget so you can make your event from simply looking to a lavish one. When it comes to size as per your seating arrangement, rental companies take care of that too and brings you chain covers that fit well and look ideal.

No Need for Cleaning

With the cheap chair covers for rent, not just at the beginning of the party but at the end of the gathering, there is no need for cleaning. When the guests are gone, the rental company sends the team to collect all the covers, sashes, and other material and carry along. So your venue always stays tidy, and that is not an option when you choose to buy the chair covers.

Saves You from Storage Hassle

When you buy chair covers, not just cleaning but storing comes along too. You have to arrange a neat and dry space for storing these covers, so next time they can be used. As they come expensive, you can’t just throw them out after party. On the other hand, when you rent these affordable chair covers, it cuts the hassle of finding any storage. You can have all the space to yourself.


affordable chair covers


You always want every occasion to be perfect whether it is a big thing like a wedding or a small matter like a birthday party. In all these happening situations, chair cover decoration is the king that looks even premium with sashes. A rental company can provide all these décor items plus add-ons, plus you get all the mentioned benefits. So, it is always great to have banquet chair cover rentals than buying them.

Wedding Tips: Helpful Guide To Picking The Best Chair Covers, Table Linens, And Table Overlays Color


Sep 2018

The color scheme plays a vital role in the overall impact, and mood of your event venue. Hence, choosing the perfect color for your chair covers, table linens, and table overlays is critical. But how can you be able to pick the right color scheme that will perfectly fit your motif and event? Here’s a few helpful tips for you.

The color scheme plays a vital role in the overall impact, and mood of your event venue. Hence, choosing the perfect color for your event is critical. Among the party essentials that can help make your venue more festive and elegant are the chair covers and table linens.

If the chairs and tables provided by the reception venue are not that pretty enough or if they do not coodinate well with your event motif, you can either buy or rent chair covers and table linens. But how can you be able to pick the right color scheme that will perfectly fit your motif and event? Here’s a few helpful tips for you.

  • Go with your theme

If you want to rent table linens and chair covers but you are having a hard time deciding what color to choose, the safest way to go is to follow your theme. Are you hosting a wedding event, birthday party, or baby shower?

In most cases, the event itself will dictate the most appropriate theme and color for your reception venue. For weddings, you can opt for the traditional colors like ivory and white or choose to be more creative and bold with fresher combinations like “burgundy + orange + purple”, “poppy + white + celadon”, and “yellow + navy + blue”.

  • Consider the mood of your event

What mood do you want to set for your event reception? What do you and your guest want to feel? Colors are not only intended to beautify your venue and to determine the function of the occasion. It is likewise used to reflect the mood that you want to set at the venue. Do you want a relaxing ambiance or a lively feel? If you want to set a relaxing vibe, the best option is the cooler tones or colors like shades of green, purple and blue. If you want your wedding venue to have a festive atmosphere, opt for warmer tones or empowering colors like shades of orange, red, and yellow.

Silver satin sashes

  • Don’t forget the neutral colors

Neutral colors can do wonder for your event reception. As its name suggests, a neutral color can balance out the colors at your venue. To avoid only one color from being distracting or dominating, add neutral colors like beige, white, gray and light brown.

  • Do not use multiple colors at the same time

Chances are, if you use multiple colors all at once, you will only make your event reception chaotic and disturbing. Avoid unnecessary clash of colors by settling with at most three different colors only. Two is the most ideal, though. One main color and one accent color are enough. You can also add a neutral tone for your third color.

  • Do not decide too fast

Deciding which color to choose for your event takes time. When choosing the color scheme for chair covers, table linens, and table overlays for wedding , do not just pick what is available or automatically go with what is provided by the event organizer or perhaps choose the cheapest option.

Silver satin sashes

Remember that the color can either make or break your event. So, you need to think about the best color that will perfectly blend with your motif. It is useless to choose the cheapest option, for instance, if it can ruin the ambiance of your reception venue. Whilst, it is worth to spend a little more on the chair cover, table runner, and overlay if they can enhance your event.

      • Bonus Tip:

Apart from the color, the fabric of which the cheap table overlays, table linens, and chair covers are made of can also greatly affect the overall ambiance of your reception venue and the comfort of your guests. You can seek help from your rental partner to know which fabric is the best option for your event.

Different Colored Chair satin Sashes And Their Corresponding Significance


Aug 2018
chair satin sashes

Beautiful chairs make for a primary factor that can infuse life into any event. If the chairs have extra clothing on it, the difference it can make is tremendous. It is like transforming the simply furniture into something elegant and eye-catching. Having the right chair covers and chair satin sashes, at one’s disposal also makes it a convenient option as you do not have to spend extra on the funky furniture.

Choosing a chair cover is easy but what might seem tricky is to choose the right colored sashes. Here are some examples of colors and the associated ideas to help you choose better.

  • Pink Satin Sash:

Pink signifies cute, romantic, feminine, and is also considered charming. The universal idea associated with pink points towards one’s love for themselves and others.

Pink satin sashes can be an ideal choice for decorating chairs on your little one’s birthday or if you are having a fairy tale wedding.

  • Ivory Satin Sash:

Be it beige, off-white, or pearl; each of them signifies the essence of ivory. Ivory is a color that is associated with calmness and peace on the whole. When it is white ivory, it signifies purity and innocence.

Ivory satin sash can be your one choice when you want to instill the majestic beauty of the settings around. You can use these sashes when you wish to reflect beauty along with simplicity. Be it a wedding, or a corporate event; ivory sashes are a must-try.

  • Silver Satin Sash: 

Silver is a metallic touch color that denotes fun and modernity. Glamour and sophistication are other symbolism of silver, making it a color that reflects uniqueness.

Silver satin sashes make it a great choice for your wedding or birthday parties. You can tie them in different ways and even make beautiful knots out of it. It is sure to make your venue look tremendously eye-catching.

Silver satin sashes


  • Red Satin Sash:

Red is the most romantic color of all. Love, passion, vibrancy, and joy are some other meanings of color “red”. The best attribute of color red lies in its attractiveness and the positive vibes it spreads.

Red satin sashes are the best to decorate on your wedding day. You can also carve roses out of the sashes and stick on the center of the knot. Or, the bow knots are also popular and make the settings look even more beautified.

  • Champagne Satin Sash:

It is the yellowish-orange color that looks similar to beige in one way. It denotes sophistication and gives vintage feelings. The color of the royal; champagne is the best color that can infuse life into any event.

Champagne satin sash can be your choice when gold and white are colors that your theme is been following. The color can also go along well with black chair covers, making everything lavish in its own way.

  • Black Satin Sash:

Black is symbolic of power along with control. Black can denote elegance, sophistication, protection, firmness, and mysterious at the same time. If looking for a dignified décor, black is one color you could choose.

If you choose black satin sashes, you are in for reflecting sophistication and mystery at the same time. You can also go for black-themed dress code which would go well with the black chair decors.

black satin sashes



Be it any event; satin chair sashes can make everything look elegant and beautiful. Choose any color out of the lot that suits your style and personality, and buy cheap satin chair sashes from sellers around. You can also buy in wholesale or can rent out sashes in order to add convenience and affordability to your shopping.

Why Opting For Wedding Chair Cover Rentals Is A Convenient Option?


Aug 2018
wedding chair cover rentals

A wedding brings along with it a number of expenses. Be it small or big; the wedding expenses could cost you a fortune. From designing your dress to every flower decorated on the venue, things could end up making your pockets empty. This is where rentals come to the picture.

Renting decorative stuff rather than buying it could save the day. One such example is the wedding chair cover rentals. This is one accessory a wedding venue can’t do without but you would certainly not need it once the wedding is over. Renting it is always a great option that many providers around readily offer.

Read on to explore more of such reasons that would divert you towards renting rather than purchasing.

Rentals vs. Purchasing

  • Customization Is The Key:

The first and the most important reason is the customization. The rental providers will assess your theme and discuss with you the wedding ideas. This would further help in choosing the chair covers for the venue in a way that suits your style and decor around.

The only purpose of such customization is to create a perfect wedding venue for you. The renting providers also offer satin sashes for wholesale making things much easier for you. These sashes are in contrast with the chair covers thus adding attractiveness to the entire setup.

  • No Penny Pinching:

As already discussed, renting out chair covers can save you a fortune. This is one affordable option that includes a one-time cost. Neither you have to pay the whole price nor, you need to shift the covers to the storeroom and regret later.

When renting affordable chair covers, you could choose from best of best materials and beautiful stain sashes just like a cherry on the cake. What could be better than blending affordability with the decoration perfection?

affordable chair covers


  • Less of Mess:

A lot goes into a wedding. You may already be stressed out with the other stuff and may not have time for peeking into the smaller details. This is where renting chair covers could save your time. An added advantage is the table overlays for wedding that you can easily rent along.

Be it, red, black, white or blue; or any other shade that may come to your mind, chair cover rental providers have it all. You may also customize the measurements that would fit your chair size well. What else could you ask for?

  • Less of Stress:

The question that would run down your mind after the wedding is, “What do I do with these chair covers now?” Another thing that you would be worried about is the space that would need for storing them.

That is why renting is always a much considerable option when looking for buying cheap chair covers. All you need is to look for online providers that are readily available in your area. Once the wedding is done, voila! The covers will be the least botheration to you and your family.


cheap chair covers


Wrapping Up

Looking at why it is always better to rent than purchase, opting for wedding chair cover rentals should be a sure thing at your wedding.

Your wedding would be remembered down the memory lane when you design your space with best of chair covers and sashes that make it all look like a miracle. You could easily rent chair covers in Michigan and make the most of this opportunity.

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Chair Covers Online


Jul 2018
chair covers

A cover-up is anything that makes anything looks more beautiful and adorable than its original version. Same goes to chair covers! These cloth pieces are used to adorn the chairs in a way to adds glamour and beauty to the décor around. Be your wedding, a birthday party or any other event; chair covers are the perfect wrappers you could choose for.

The creativity options that can be added on to the chair covers are infinite. You could choose from a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials to match up to the décor around. However, when shopping for the covers, certain things need to be looked after. What are they? Have a look for yourself.

  • Choosing Through The Right Material

There are a number of materials that go into the making of elegant chair covers. Some of which include, polyester, satin, and spandex. Fabric that is soft in texture and tough otherwise would be the best option for your every event.

Prefer satin if glossy textures amazes you to bits. This fabric chair cover would look attractive and shiny in your wedding décor settings. Talking of polyester material; it is the best option when choosing for stain resistant covers. On the other hand, spandex could be the best choice when looking for stretchable chair covers that are both durable and beautiful.

  • Picking Out The Best Fit Chair Covers

First things first, measure the chair size before moving on to buying the right size cover. Several online platforms also offer a chair size guide to help you make a better purchase. You could also request for a cover sample before placing bigger quantity orders.


affordable chair covers.


Choose banquet chair covers if you are looking for perfect fit covers for your chairs. And, universal chair covers are one fit for all cover types that could fit any chair size. The sizing also depends on your chair shape. Look into every parameter before placing your orders for affordable chair covers.

  • Color That Matches Up The Décor

Chair covers are available in ample color variances. Whether it is the elegant black or the reflective white; you can find every color to match up to the décor. Prefer dark colored chair covers if stain resistance is all you seek for. Light colored ones look good if cheerful and light décor is all that you have opted for.

table overlays for wedding


Another factor is choosing the sashes and the table overlays for wedding. Match up your chair colors in a way to showcase an attractive contrast with the Cheap Chair Sashes and the corresponding table overlays. Colors that speak out loud of your personality and taste make for the best purchases.

  • Rentals And Purchases

Buying from online sources that offer chair covers on rental basis and for purchases is a reliable source to shop from. Events are one-time occurring, and you may prefer to rent chair covers rather than buying them or vice versa.

No matter what your choice, go through the rental terms before making the payments. You could also request for a quote from reliable online sellers when ordering in bulk is in question. When you rent chair covers in Michigan, you make way for better service throughout the rental or the buying process.

Bottom Line

These were four things that need to be taken care of when buying chair covers online. No matter what the event, choose from the options available that suit your requirements, style, décor, and budget.


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