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Undertable Lighting

Looking to totally WOW your guests?  RENT undertable lights! They will transform your room instantly!

These are remote contol operated LED lights with 16 different color options to create a unique atmosphere!  They also have 5 different brightness levels. They come with LEDs that are SUPER BRIGHT!  Just set the LED under the table and set to the color of your choosing.  You can stick with one color or you can rotate the colors, flash, strobe and fade or lights if you wish.

They will come fully charged and will light for 10 hours before the color begins to fade.  These are completely wireless and have no cables so will be able to comfortably go under the table.  They will come with the charger if you need to recharge.  FREE delivery 3-4 days before your event. A UPS return label is included to send back the next business day.