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Rental Terms

The following terms apply to all rentals supplied by Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen (simplyelegantchaircovers.com)

Renting Chair Covers & Linen: A minimum 25% deposit is needed to reserve linen for the date noted. The deposit will apply toward the remaining balance. The linen will not be shipped or given to client until full payment is received. By making a payment, the customer agrees to the terms within this contract. Payments can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), check (checks must be received 10 days prior) or money order.A credit card must be given as part of the client’s security deposit to ensure items are returned on time.Please contact the office during business hours if you would prefer to put down 25% instead of paying in full. We will process the transaction for you.

Final Counts: Final counts must be confirmed 10 days prior to the event.

Delivery & Returns: Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linens uses UPS delivery services to ship nationwide. All shipments are scheduled to be delivered at least one or more business day before the event date and are guaranteed by the carrier. Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen will not be responsible for any unforeseen problems during shipment, items undelivered or lost in the mailing system, or incorrectly supplied addresses. A tracking number(s) will be provided by Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen. If you do not receive one, contact us. Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen will supply return labels for return of all the linen rented. All items must be returned or shipped the following business day after the event. The Customer agrees to be charged an additional late return fee for each day the items are not returned or shipped after the next business day of the event. This amount will be equal to the rental price. If you have misplaced the return labels, contact us and we will get you new ones.

Cancellation: Upon cancellation, 25% of the amount is nonrefundable. We have secured these rental items for your event and may have turned away other customers.

Samples: It is the clients responsibility to ensure the proper fit and color of the rental items. You may order a sample to ensure this. Refunds will not be granted in the case that the size or color do not work.

Inspection & Guarantees: The client is personally responsible for inspecting the rental items prior to their use on the event date and find them suitable for use before the event date. Notification of any defects or missing items must be made to Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen before the event date. Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen makes every attempt to fulfill orders. In the case of missing items, we will make every attempt to ship the product to you with advance notice (these cases are rare). If this is not possible, a refund will be granted for the rental cost of the missing items. The Customer acknowledges that there are no warranties on these items from minor defects, as there may be some minor defects on items from normal wear and tear, that are not readily apparent. These defects or missing items do not constitute a breach of contract on Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen.

Damaged & Not Returned Items:The Client is responsible to pay for damaged, lost, altered, or stolen items.All items must be returned in their normal condition. Items returned with tears, wine stains, candles burns or wax marks that may be damaged beyond repair will automatically charged.

Other Fees: The Client understands that a breach of contract will result in collections of fees by Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linen. The client is responsible for all fees associated with the collections process, including attorney and litigations fees, in the event that the contract has been breached.

Contract: By making a payment, placing orders, or receiving products, the Customer agrees to the terms within this contract. Any amendments to the contract must be made in writing.

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