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White Backdrop Linen 10 x 10

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This is a RENTAL

How do I install?

1. First you set up the 2 tripod stands. 
2. Next, you slide the drapes on and attach the crossbar. 
3. Finally, you raise the stands to the desired height. 

How do I choose mysize? You will need to get the length of your head table. This will tell you which length of backdrop to order and/or how many to order. If you need help, please call us or click on the chat below.

We recommend reserving your pipe & drape rentals at least 30 days prior to your event date to assure availability. We will schedule your package for delivery at least 3-5 days prior to your event date. We can also typically accommodate rush orders as well, but there is no guarantee!


You also have the option of adding uplighting. We recommend 3 per each backdrop. They are wireless LED lights that you can set to ranges of white, yellow, red, green, purple or blue! Instructions are included.

When you are done with the backdrop and/or lighting, please put back in the box as it came to you and return with prepaid postage with UPS.

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