Simply Elegant Chair Covers & MORE rents the following types of lighting:

  • Wireless Uplighting: These lights are wireless and come with a charger.  They are placed on the floor and shine up the walls.  They do come in different colors depending on your theme.  They rent for $17.99
Wireless LED Uplighting Rentals
  • Plug-in Uplighting: These lights are plug in and you do not have to worry about them losing their charge! They are placed on the floor and shine up the walls.  They do come in different colors depending on your theme.  They rent for $16.99
Standard Plug In Uplighting
  • Undertable Lighting:  We offer wireless lights that you can put under your table to add a specific color or just light! Make the table stand out!  They rent for $19.99 
Undertable Lighting
  • Gobo light: Gobo Lighting is becoming a huge trend in the wedding industry. We create a template and light shines through it to create a monogram or patter on the floor, wall or ceiling.
  • Spotlight: This light projects a narrow beam of light on a specific item like the cake or a centerpiece.
  • String lights: These are strands of lights that will light up any space!

    When it comes to planning your wedding, wedding lighting ends up being one of the most underrated elements. At Simply Elegant, we make lighting rental affordable so it can make a big impact on your decor without breaking the budget! 

    Lighting really sets the mood for your wedding and really shows off all your other decor! If you are not sure where to start, contact us and we would be happy to help!  If you have a layout of the room handy with dimensions, that would help!

      Lighting is easy to do-it-yourself and save hundreds of dollars by renting vs hiring a profession.  Uplighting for an entire ballroom can cost up to $2000 to have it done by a company vs $500 to rent them and set them up on your own!  Gobo lighting costs close to $500 to have someone set it up vs under $200 to rent!

      It’s important to do either do a  walk-through of your venue with an event planner or banquet advisor so they can assist you in planning on how many lights you need. We can also do that! We just need the layout of the room with dimensions and we are here to help you create an elegant lighting event! 

      Keep in mind that if you order plug in lighting vs wireless you will need to know where the outlets are located.

      Don't forget to add lighting to your dance floor, behind the headtable, the backdrops, throughout the ballroom walls and the cake table!

      1. DanceFloor
      2. Behind the headtable, also consider a backdrop
      3. Throughout the Ballroom walls
      4. Cake Table

      This might all be overwhelming, but we are here to help!  Call us or chat with us online or send us an email with your lay out and we can help!


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