The Rental Process


Please read our rental process! If you still have questions, we have online chat 

If you’re looking to plan an extraordinary event, you have found the right spot! Setting up your event can be done very easily when working with Simply Elegant Rentals. If you need a sample, rent one to test it out!  All rentals arrive about 1-3 days before your event date and include a return label!

Free Shipping automatically applies on orders over $125

The most popular question is “When should I order my rentals?”  Please try and order your linens as soon as you can!  We are very busy the months of April-October so the sooner you can order the better!  Alot of you worry that you do not have a final count that early BUT we do give you the opportunity to update your count 14 days before and will give you back your money for what you do not need!  When you order early, you have many more options! Having said that, we do accomodate clients who book days before to months before the event.  However, we do recommend ordering your rentals 1-3 months before your event date to ensure your selection is reserved for you! Again, we do accommodate last minute requests all the time!  When you book your rentals with us, we hold them or you for your event date. So, the earliier you book, the better selection you have! 

The second most asked question “I do not have a final count yet!” We understand your event may be months away. This is why you give you a chance to change the quantity of chair covers and linen for your order 14 days before the event date and you can change the quantity for centerpieces, lighting and backdrops 30 days before the event date. If you need to decrease the quantity, we will provide a refund to your payment method if adjusted on time. So, in the end you do pay for your final count! Its best to put in your order as soon as possible to assure we have it reserved for your event date and then adjust as the count gets finalized.

Another popular question “When will I receive my rentals?”  The packages ship from our warehouse anywhere from 4-10 days prior to your event date, depending on your location so that they arrive about 1-3 days before the event date. They arrive with UPS.  You do not have to be home for delivery.  We can also ship to your reception hall if you prefer.  The items are in ready to use condition.

Well, how do I the return my rentals? All rentals come with UPS return labels to send the items back.  After your event, simply place your rental items in the return boxes they came in and securely tape the box.  If you ordered sashes, please make sure to neatly fold them before putting them in the box.  Otherwise, it may be hard to get them all back in the box! There is no need to launder anything, just be sure all items are dry and free of any major debris.  Do not worry if spilled wine is on the linen! If you ordered centerpieces and/or lighting, please place them back in the box they came in. We ask that you send them back the business day after your event.  Contact us if you need more time.

I need help with my backdrop and uplighting  Backdrops come in 8-10ft wide sections.  If you need help calculating how many you will need based on your layout, we are here for you!  We offer white, ivory and black backdrops.  If you are looking to use our lighting to add color, we recommend using the white drapes.  For lighting, we recommend having one within every 8-10ft sections.  The uplighting and undertable lighting is wireless LED lighting that can be switched to many different colors in the red, yellow, blue, purple, green, white family.  They do come fully charged for 8 hours.  We will include the cable if you need to recharge them. We also have ones that you can plug in.

Now it is time to browse our extensive online inventory and choose which style and color you would like.  If you need any help, our design team is always available via email or online chat.  We are here to help you create that amazing atmosphere for your special day.  Be sure to check out our new inventory of flower centerpieces, backdrops and lighting!  

If you have any questions, regarding the rental process or anything else, please do not hesitate to ask!

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