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The Rental Process

Create an amazing event following these steps

If you’re looking to plan an extraordinary event, you have found the right spot! Setting up your event can be done very easily when working with Simply Elegant Rentals. If you need a sample, rent one to test it out!

We understand your event may be months away and you most likely do not have a final count on how many items you may need.  This is why we give you the option of putting down 50% and paying the balance 2 weeks before your event date.  In order to do that, you will have to phone in your order.  If you would like to check out online, you do have to pay in full.  However, we do give you 2 weeks prior to your event date to change your count and will adjust your payment method for the difference.  In the end, you do pay for your final count! We would just like to offer you options! Note:For flower centerpieces we need a final count 30 days before event date.


Browse our extensive online inventory and choose which style and color you would like.  If you need any help, our design team is always available via phone, email or online chat.  We are here to help you create that amazing atmosphere for your special day.  Be sure to check out our new inventory of flower centerpieces!


Add the items you would like to rent to the cart. We will need your event date, guest count and items you are interested in.  We understand that your final counts may change, that is why we give you up to 2 weeks before your event date to change your counts.  (30 days for centerpieces) At that time, we will adjust your credit card for the difference.  If you do not need all the linen, we will credit your account for the difference. (We need to know 2 weeks prior to the event date)


As mentioned above in step 2,  two weeks before your event, when your responses are back, we will need a final count.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume the final count is your original order. We will prepare your items for shipping at this time.


Your order will arrive to your door step or event location (the choice is yours) approximately 3-5 days before your event. Make sure to check your boxes to be sure everything is just right. Decorate and enjoy!  


After your event, simply place your rental items in the returns boxes they came in and securely tape the box.  If you ordered sashes, please make sure to neatly fold them before putting them in the box.  Otherwise, it may be hard to get them all back in the box! There is no need to launder anything, just be sure all items are dry and free of any major debris. If you ordered centerpieces, please place them back in the box they came in. The UPS Return label is included with your rental.  Tape it securely to the box and contact UPS to have the linen picked up or you may drop off at any UPS store.