Standard Uplighting

Uplighting will set the mood and transform your venue into something amazing and hot!  These lights are small units that are set on the floor around the perimeter of your venue.  These lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with light (pick your color!). The uplights we carry are affordable, user-friendly and easy to set up. Are you looking to plan a dream wedding but have a limited budget? You are at the right place! Uplighting will do the job and make your room look amazing and you will get the most out of your money!
These lights are not wireless, they require an outlet.  If you need wireless lighting, click here.
  • We ship nationwide - lights arrive 3-4 days before your event date and include a return label to send them back the business day after the event.
  • Plug in light, set up on floor and pick any color you would like!

How many uplights do you need? For the best look, we recommend placing lights 10 feet apart around the entire room.

How soon do you need to rent uplighting?  It is best to order them ahead of time to assure we have them available for your event.  We do work with clients that book days before as well!  If we have them in stock, they are yours!

What are my color options?  white, red, pink, yellow, purple, blue and orange

Are they hard to set up? Absolutely not.  First, you plug in the first light.  Second, pick a color.  Third, pick a postition on the floor (you can adjust the light by tilting it side to side and you can also adjust the legs). Next, (if you have more than one light) you can link the uplights together by using the power cords provided.  You can plug them all into a single outlet.


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