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Wireless LED Uplighting
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Wireless LED Uplighting

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Wreless uplighting is an easy and affordable way to create a modern look to your reception hall. You will be amazed how uplighting can create ambience in any room. Wireless uplighting is quick and easy for anyone to setup and can be set to multiple shades of color! They come with a remote control which can be set to any shade of color.  The battery will last 8 hours.  All you do is set up against the wall, on the floor and WOW...your room is instantly changed!

Like we mentioned, the lights will arrive fully charged and will work for about 8 hours at full potential. After 8 hours, the lights will become to slowly fade and completely turn off. We suggest positioning the lights around the room, selecting the colors, and then turn them off until the event is ready to begin.  They will default to the last color that was programmed. If for some reason you need to charge the uplights, the charging cables are included.

When you are done with the uplighting, please put back in the box as it came to you and return with prepaid postage with UPS.

How far in advance should you rent uplighting? The sooner you book, the better the chance we will have them available for your event.  However, we do work with customers who book months in advance and some that book weeks before...we are here to help!