5 Awesome Ways To Decorate Bride And Groom's Wedding Chairs

burgundy organza sash Champagne Organza Sash eggplant organza sash Hot Pink Organza Sash organza sashes Purple Organza Sash Silver Organza Sash

Part of the event venue decoration is the bride and groom's wedding chair. Below are some creative and fun ways to make the newly wed's chairs stand out among the rest.

Styling the chairs with organza sashes

Organza is among the most favorite fabrics used for chair sashes. Its shimmering and smooth finish can further enhance the beauty of your chair. Organza sashes are available in different sizes and shades. Among the most commonly used sashes, though, are burgundy organza sash, silver organza sash, champagne organza sash, eggplant organza sash, hot pink organza sash, and purple organza sash.

Organza Sash

There are many ways to play with your organza sashes. If you think that the traditional bow style seems so common and boring, you can opt for the other 9 alternative ways to tie them. You can try the double loop flower, side bow, knot, side knot, obi, rosette, flip over, double wrap knot, and double wrap knot styles.

Dress it up with chair covers

Let's face it, not all of us are fortunate enough to have perfect looking chairs. If your chair is not that gorgeous enough, you can dress it up with a beautiful chair cover. Wedding chair covers come in various fabrics, sizes, and colors. With the wide array of options, you will surely be able to find the right cover that will not only fit your chair but will as well best suit your event motif. You can tie pretty sashes around your chair's back to complete the look.

Floral Styling

With the right choice of flowers, you can add a wow factor and fresh statement on your decoration. You can go for small side posys or go grand with floral heavy garlands. For a more lovely look, use fresh flowers instead of the plastic ones.

floral styling decoration

You can tie little bouquets to the back of the chair or call someone professional to make custom signs out of the fresh flowers. Further, embellish the bride and groom's wedding chair by adding some pretty ribbons. This is a great way to add color and character to your decor.

Framed childhood photos

Add spice to your decor by hanging framed childhood photos of both the groom and the bride. It's such a simple decor idea but is truly adorable and unique. If you are bold enough, pick the photos with the wackiest post. This will surely make your wedding more memorable.

Styling around the season

Another unique way to enhance the beauty of the bride and groom's chairs is to style them based on the current season. For an autumn wedding, you can use apple garlands. If your wedding happens during spring, the best option is to ornament your chairs with freshly picked spring flowers.

Styling the chairs with organza sashes

Tying a miniature fresh-greenery wreath at the back of the chair is perfect for Christmas season weddings. Pair it with sheer, lacy seat covers to make the decor more stylish and appealing.

There are certainly many different ways to beautify the bride and groom's chair. Apart from those that are mentioned above, you can also try hanging framed silhouettes of the couple, fresh greenery, lace and ribbons, decorative mason jars, and a lot more.

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