5 Tips for Memorable Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an excellent way to thank your guests for celebrating with you on your wedding day. More often than not, though, these favors end up being forgotten the next day. To make sure your gift doesn't get forgotten, we've compiled a few tips that will leave a good impression on your guests.

1) Make sure it's something your guests can use.

Practicality is a great thing to remember when selecting favors for your wedding. It can be something useful for the kitchen, such as measuring spoons or a personal care item, like a manicure set. These types of items are sure to please your guests, because it's useful and will be something they use regularly.

2) Personalize your gift.

You have planned your wedding matching your and your spouse's personalities. If you happen to be a wine aficionado, consider gifting bottles of your favorite wine along with a wine stopper. If you love a particular treat at the local bakery, gift this goodie your guests. You may also want to share an old family recipe and include a few essential ingredients.

3) Make it a welcome bag.

If you have a destination wedding, consider gifting items that will serve your guests well for the duration of the wedding. Make it appropriate for the destination - and the season - while also considering what your guests will likely use. If it's a spring and summer wedding, include things like sunscreen, hats, fun soaps, and a guide to local restaurants and activities they can enjoy during their stay.

4) Make it an edible gift.

There is nothing wrong with making the wedding favor an edible gift. It can be a food item unique to the wedding location or it can be an edible item unique to you, personally. It can also be something that you know your guests will appreciate at the end of the evening or even the next morning, such as jam and scones in a little gift bag.

5) Keep it simple.

As you begin the process of planning your wedding, the last thing you are probably going to want to stress about are the wedding favors. So, if you are really interested in choosing a wedding favor, keep it simple. You don't need to overcomplicate the gift. The gesture will be appreciated by your guests, no matter what you choose.

Wedding favors are a sweet tradition that many couples are happy to continue doing. With a few of these creative ideas in mind, you are sure to gift your guests with wedding favors they will enjoy.

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