Don't let the coronavirus steal your big day!

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Worldwide, wedding plans are being altered because of the coronavirus. No matter what part of the world, all brides and grooms everywhere are going through the same experience. What will we do about our wedding plans? Should we cancel, postpone, elope? Couples are reluctant to pick a new date with all this uncertainty.  For the first time while wedding planning, they feel very out of control.  Why should you let the coronavirus steal this big day from you?  This will all come to end and you deserve to still have your big day!  My message to you is, don’t cancel your wedding, reschedule it!

It is important to get a good understanding of the financial impact canceling or postponing has on your budget.  Try and get as much information as possible from your vendors so you can create a spreadsheet detailing what you can get a refund on and what you can not get a refund on.

If you wait too long, it can be difficult to reschedule dates into the summer or fall. Those are popular wedding months and a lot of vendors are already booked.  Dealing with vendors can be very stressful.  Some are returning deposits, while others are not being flexible at all.  They too are trying to keep their business together while going through this unchartered territory.

Simply Elegant Chair Covers is here to work with you and we have some advice to consider during this time. 

First of all, don’t cancel your big day!  Postpone, if you can.  You might feel exhausted with all this and may just want to be done with it all.  But don’t do that!! You risk losing your deposits and most importantly, when it is time to celebrate your big day, this will be one party no one will forget!  Try to be flexible when picking your date and don’t wait too long to pick your new date! There are a lot of other couples in the same predicament as you!

Second, let your guests know as soon as possible.  Let them know you are postponing so they look forward to the new date.  Perhaps you can do a digital announcement or an email blast.  If you have a wedding website, be sure to update it. Another idea is to send a new save the date card..

Third, make sure to check the cancellation policy with all of your vendors and if they are willing to adjust their policy due to the unforeseen circumstances.  Check and see if they are willing to work with you in using your deposit for a future date.  Check and see if they are able to accommodate the new date.

At Simply Elegant Chair Covers we rent chair covers, rent table linens, rent backdrops, and rent uplighting and more.  We know this is a stressful time for everyone and are working with all our clients and have been very understanding with those that choose to cancel or reschedule.

Lastly, when the big day finally comes (and it will !!), this will be the best day ever!  All this will be behind all of us and everyone you love will come together to celebrate YOU!  I know it is hard right now to get into that mindset, but this will all be over and lives will go on.  Don’t let the coronavirus take away your big day. 


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