Practical And Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Reception

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A wedding is all about the marriage ceremony. But this is not always true. Although the ceremony is the highlight of the event, many people believe that the celebration really starts at the reception. Most of the time, the guests would love to attend the reception more than to witness the entire wedding ceremony. The reception is the first public appearance of the newlyweds. It is where they can relax, loosen up, and enjoy a special moment with their guests, friends, families, and loved ones after the nerve-racking formal ceremony.

But planning and organizing a wedding reception is never a joke and it is absolutely not relaxing, either. Aside from the menu, venue, performances or production numbers, and giveaways, you also need to think about the decoration. Decorating and beautifying the reception venue is likewise never easy most especially if you are on a tight budget. Here are some ideas that how you can use to beautify your event venue on a budget.

Display A Photo Collage

You have just shared a significant part of your life to your loved ones. Why not make the most out of it? Collect the best photos you have with your partner and set a specific area in the event room where you can display a photo collage. Maybe, start with photos that tell your love story and how you and your spouse successfully end up marrying each other.

Chair covers

Simply dressing up the chairs with pretty chair covers can make your entire event venue look more stunning, elegant, and extraordinary. Not only that, it is likewise the best way to hide away the imperfections of your chairs. Rather than investing a huge amount for new chairs, why not try to rent some gorgeous chair covers and level up the overall ambiance of your event venue at just a fraction of the cost.

Chair covers are available in various fabrics, colors, designs, and price range. You can easily find something affordable that would perfectly complement your wedding motif.

Tie Ribbons and Sashes

Another cheap yet effective way to enhance the overall look of your event venue is to tie some ribbons and sashes around your chairs. A wide royal blue sash is among the most common sashes and ribbons for weddings. You can rent some ready to use sashes and ribbons or buy and prepare your own. Making your own would need a bit of your time, patience, and artistic prowess but its all worth it all. They can be a cheap alternative to fancy chair covers.

Add Scented Candles

Candles undeniably bring up the most romantic ambiance most especially if you have picked the best scent available in your locality. Dim the room and let the candles' glow lighten up the entire room. Not only will they help lift up the mood of your reception, they will also make your guests feel relaxed. And oh, candles are extremely inexpensive.

Cover Your Tables

Another trick to play with fabrics is to cover your tables with linens. If buying a new set is not an option, you can instead try to rent table linens. Just like chair covers, you can also easily find linens that will perfectly fit both your wedding motif and your budget.

So, here are my top 5 less expensive ways to make your wedding reception one of a kind. Congratulations on your wedding!

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