The Ultimate Wedding Decor Trends Of 2019

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Weddings are never going off; every day, thousands of people are getting married around the world. And the thing about wedding trends is that they evolve year after year. If your wedding is falling this year, you must use these wedding decor trends to get creative for your big day. Thanks to the always-evolving industry and creative couples who go the extra mile when it comes to their wedding. However, each year adds to the already incredible roll of big day ideas.

Have a look at some of the fascinating ideas taking over and create a perfect wedding decor to make your big day even more special.

  • Dark and edgy color scheme

Dark accents are in direct contrast with the romantic blush decor with soft textures and bright photography which dominated the wedding scene for years. Going a little edgy with style and changing your palette will do least to no harm to your wedding decor. After all, it has always been experimenting that has flourished new ideas and gave birth to iconic styles people follow these days.

Chair Cover

  • Floral decor taking over this year

The flower add-ins like pampas grass and wheat are replacing fresh blooms in the installations this year. Grasses look chic, unfussy and add another layer depth to the design. Pampas grass can elevate any element of your wedding; you get to highlight the aisle for the wedding then create a moody vibe at your after-party. The best thing about florals is that it can be decorated in countless ways throughout the wedding, can be displayed from the ceiling, covering archways, and even as a part of the furniture.

Floral decor

  • Back to the classics

While the modern and contemporary wedding decor is on the rise, there are plenty of couples who want to stick to their roots and go back to traditional design elements. The elegant wedding ceremonies are back in trend. Silver candlesticks, monogrammed linen napkins, Battenburg lace layovers, and crystal stemware all hold a place in this magnificent timeless wedding trend.

  • Wedding cakes that stand out

Wedding cakes are here to stay, but they are always evolving. Bakers are no less than sculptures opting for unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers so much so it's hard to believe that they are wedding cakes. Stunning designs with rich texture and outstanding colors are taking over this year beating the traditional white 3 tier cakes.

  • Round Set up

Couples are very open to ideas these days, and they are not afraid to try new things and go nontraditional in some aspects. The ceremony set up is something that has remained unchanged for years; however, we can see now a lot more couples are embracing nontraditional ceremony arrangements. A round set up of your chairs for your guests will be a set up that will stand out. Switching up the set-up is another way to create a personalized experience.

Rounded Table

  • Velvet accents

Speciality linen providers offered different tones of velvet which came in use for the tabletops and chair covers. Velvet is the sophisticated looking classic fabric. Since velvet is associated with nobility, it might be costly but definitely worth it. The best thing about incorporating velvet into decor is that it can carry throughout all seasons.

  • Personalization

The majority of the industry's most commended wedding planners are telling us that weddings are becoming more personalized than ever before. Especially if you are throwing a smaller wedding ceremony, you will be able to take advantage of the most personalized trends on the list. Couples are replacing standard invitation cards with handwritten notes, stating your personalized messages. Writing a note at each place setting can add a special personal touch to make your guests feel more inviting. Incorporate more such personalized gestures to your wedding and make it even more special.

  • Getting creative with the invitation cards 

Couples are incorporating in custom designing their invitation cards to which you can write your special messages. It is possible with hiring a local artist to render some part of your big day; it is also suggested by experts to make more use of the artwork in multiple ways to get the most bang of your buck. A lot of wedding planners encourage their clients to use the artwork in various ways to optimize the value of the investment. Creating artworks that not just tell ‘save the date' and might share the couple’s relationship story.

  • Minimalism

Good news for those couples who always feel that less is more, minimalism is making its way to wedding decors as well. No matter how shiny and glittery weddings get, there is still some subtlety appreciated. The key to this trend is having a simple color palette with 2-3 colors and clean lines. Opting for something simple and refined aesthetic will never go out of style.

Minimalism Design

  • Creative lighting

Enhancing your wedding venue with the lighting can sound like a good deal because 2019 is going to be all about the lighting. Uplighting is an effective way to improve the ambiance dramatically. Enhance lighting using fairy lights, or go for more bespoke options like basket lantern, and neon installations.

  • Utility signage

The trends have evolved a lot over the last few years when it comes to wedding signage. At first, there were chalkboards, then came the wooden signs and mirrors which were adorned with greenery, neon signs and now the felt letter boards and retro style lightboxes have taken its place. These two wedding sign ideas had already made their influencers, so it is exciting to see when they started popping up as 2019 decor trends. This is the perfect idea for the couples who love the minimalistic decor; you could easily pair them with floral accents.

  • Adding pastels

Pastels are making its way to 2019, the color palette that has never failed to give an aesthetic and neat vibe. Complement the marbled, earthy quality of these beautiful colors with lavender, beige, and pale blush shades.

  • Taper candles

Taper candles

The classic and timeless taper candles are back in trend in 2019 for couples are actually going back to basics. These long candles that give an old school vibe are topping the list of decor aesthetics in 2019. Candles at the tablescape was always a good idea, but tapers can entirely elevate your wedding decor with minimal effort. Tapers are going to look stunning on your tablescape when you put those complementing your white spandex chair covers.

  • Incorporating Rattan

Rattan accents are on track to be one of the biggest 2019 wedding decor trends if speaking of bohemian themed weddings. Couples who feel close to nature and like to have all the bohemian and hippie vibe in their weddings which bring the vintage-inspired statement pieces back in the game. Add those bohemian accents in your decor whether it be placing the high back peacock chairs which then you can decorate either with flowers or usual spandex chair bands. Keep the lanterns suspended from the ceiling or arrange the rattan furniture with floral arrangements, and you are ready to rock the Rattan theme at your wedding.


The trends are always upgrading frequently; it is essential to stay updated with the latest trends. Knowing what's in trend around and what all have upgraded helps you to use it to its fullest potential.

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