Uplighting for Weddings and Events

One might ask, “What is uplighting?” It is the process of strategically placing lighting on the floor and pointing the lights up. Uplighting is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to add magic to your event. Uplights can take a grim & dreary event space and make it instantly beautiful. They are great for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and much more. There are hundreds of alternatives to make your event elegant, but uplights are the best place to start. Find out why below!

Endless Options

It is one of the most versatile services for lighting. It fits into any space, from corporate events to lavish weddings, and suits every type of event. No power of any kind? No issue. Wireless LEDs powered by batteries are a choice that fits into most budgets for events.

Pairs Well with Others

Uplights are great as a single decor item, but, in combination with other services such as bistro lighting and other string lighting, the light is even better. While other decorative items help make your event space look incredible, only lighting can make your event look magical as well as feel magical.


As with most lighting services, one color is usually set and forget. There are options for changing the lighting during your event. For dinner you might want one color and another color for dancing. A number of colors? The lights can be set to change colors automatically throughout the day, so no extra staffing is needed.

Simply Elegant Chair Covers & Linens is a nationwide source for chair covers, table linens, runners, centerpieces, lighting and much more. We have a large inventory that will be help create the event of your dreams. We also pride ourselves on a simple renting service that allows you to rent samples for testing. Take control of the atmosphere of your event and consider our products. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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