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5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Rental Expenses


Jan 2018
Wedding Ring

You do not have to spend too much to make your wedding worth remembering. There are different effective ways to make your wedding memorable without spending too much. Here are a few budget-friendly tips you can use to cut cost and save a few hundreds or thousands of dollars without sacrificing the overall look and outcome of your wedding.

A wedding does not always have to be really expensive to make it worth remembering. The wedding itself is such a memorable event. There are a few things that you can do to cut cost and save a few hundreds or thousands of dollars without sacrificing the overall look and outcome of your wedding.


Wedding ring

Shop around

This is quite obvious but there are a lot of couples who tend to neglect this idea. No matter how huge or small your budget is, it is still best to shop around and look for various wedding planners or suppliers to avoid unnecessary spending’s and to find the best option available for you.

Compare prices and different packages before deciding to settle with one specific provider. This can be quite time-consuming but doing some research first and finding the right wedding rental provider is worth your effort and time.

Enhance the look of your wedding venue

You do not have to spend much for your wedding decor to make your venue look more beautiful and attractive. There are a few effective ways to enhance the overall appearance of your venue without having to set huge amount for the decor. One way is to use linens for your chairs and tables.

Chair covers, for instance, can make a huge difference in your venue. You can use them to cover up ugly chairs and to add a beauty, elegance, class, and visual impact on your event.


chair covers


Wedding chair cover rentals are less extensive than renting high-end wooden chairs. Depending on your location, you can find a lot of linen suppliers that offer cheap chair cover for all types of events.

Pick the right chair

Most of the time wooded chairs are quite expensive. A typical budget conscious couple would want a set of chairs that will not break their bank. One budget-friendly alternative is to rent plastic chairs instead of the wooden ones. You can save as much as 20% to 40% on your chair needs if you do this.

If you are holding your wedding in a reception facility where there are already available free chairs, check with the provider if the chairs are really offered for free or if they are already bundled in the package.

Avoid being charged for damages

If you are renting table linens or chair covers, make sure to take care of them and do preventive measures to avoid being charged for damages. Most chair cover rental companies charge a replacement fee for permanently damaged or heavily stained fabrics.


Decorative Candles


Some effective preventive measures include (1) preparing ashtrays so if your guests smoke, they can properly dispose of their cigarette in there, thus preventing the ash from staining the linen or preventing the cigarette from leaving burn marks on the fabric, and (2) using candle holders or placing a tray under each candle to avoid the melted wax from dripping onto the table cover.

Check the package rental deals

Getting a package rental deal is not always a good idea. Though it may seem more economical at first look, it is still better to check it for details. The package may include things you actually don’t need or it may be too large for you. If this is the case, you may be wasting your money by paying for those extra items you don’t need that are already included in the package. In most cases, you can save more if you only rent chair covers NY or others items you really need.

Practical And Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Reception


Oct 2017
Wedding Photo

A wedding is all about the marriage ceremony. But this is not always true. Although the ceremony is the highlight of the event, many people believe that the celebration really starts at the reception. Most of the time, the guests would love to attend the reception more than to witness the entire wedding ceremony. The reception is the first public appearance of the newlyweds. It is where they can relax, loosen up, and enjoy a special moment with their guests, friends, families, and loved ones after the nerve-racking formal ceremony.

Wedding Photo

But planning and organizing a wedding reception is never a joke and it is absolutely not relaxing, either. Aside from the menu, venue, performances or production numbers, and giveaways, you also need to think about the decoration. Decorating and beautifying the reception venue is likewise never easy most especially if you are on a tight budget. Here are some ideas that how you can use to beautify your event venue on a budget.

Display A Photo Collage

You have just shared a significant part of your life to your loved ones. Why not make the most out of it? Collect the best photos you have with your partner and set a specific area in the event room where you can display a photo collage. Maybe, start with photos that tell your love story and how you and your spouse successfully end up marrying each other.

Chair covers

Wedding Chair Covers

Simply dressing up the chairs with pretty chair covers can make your entire event venue look more stunning, elegant, and extra ordinary. Not only that, it is likewise the best way to hide away the imperfections of your chairs. Rather than investing a huge amount for new chairs, why not try to rent some gorgeous chair covers and level up the overall ambiance of your event venue at just a fraction of the cost.

Chair covers are available in various fabrics, colors, designs, and price range. You can easily find something affordable that would perfectly complement your wedding motif.

Tie Ribbons and Sashes

Tie Ribbons and Sashes

Another cheap yet effective way to enhance the overall look of your event venue is to tie some ribbons and sashes around your chairs. A wide royal blue sash is among the most common sashes and ribbons for weddings. You can rent some ready to use sashes and ribbons or buy and prepare your own. Making your own would need a bit of your time, patience, and artistic prowess but its all worth it all. They can be a cheap alternative to fancy chair covers.

Add Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Candles undeniably bring up the most romantic ambiance most especially if you have picked the best scent available in your locality. Dim the room and let the candles’ glow lighten up the entire room. Not only will they help lift up the mood of your reception, they will also make your guests feel relaxed. And oh, candles are extremely inexpensive.

Cover Your Tables

Another trick to play with fabrics is to cover your tables with linens. If buying a new set is not an option, you can instead try to rent table linens. Just like chair covers, you can also easily find linens that will perfectly fit both your wedding motif and your budget.

So, here are my top 5 less expensive ways to make your wedding reception one of a kind. Congratulations on your wedding!

Understanding Importance and Benefits of Arranging Chair Cover on Rent


Dec 2016
Elegant Chair Cover

We never remember days, we remember events and memories associated with it. Every moment and every event of every man plants something in his soul. And one such important event, is one’s wedding. Marriage is one such ceremony where not only two people become one but two families also are tied together with a sacred bond.

A wedding is the most important event is anyone’s life and you want this day, this memory to build in everyone’s mind for a very long time. You want it to be special not only for you but for everyone who is connected to this day. You want this day to be perfect. Right from the décor to the food to music everything needs to be perfect.

Elegant Chair CoverRemember one thing to create a beautiful arrangement setting one has to put in their best effort that every eye falls in love with it immediately. The beauty of any event then let it be for wedding only is always double folded because of its decor. A beautiful décor gives you a fairy tale event.

Let it be any occasion a wedding, a party or even a corporate event; you want everything to be perfect. Food and many other main details can be taken care of but most of the times, actual minor details are ignored. These minor details create the biggest changes. Banquet chair covers or let’s say wedding chair covers might sound a little spendthrift but the truth is that these covers make your event extraordinary by contributing majorly.

elegant wedding chair coversSeat covers if selected classily even if they are simple, lets the entire setting ease loveliness. Selecting the right color, the right material of the chair covers even if they are rental becomes exceptionally significant to select the right wedding chair cover. Your wedding day is going to be the best day, you want your guests to enjoy it to the fullest and love everything about it. Therefore, it is important to select the correct wedding chair cover so it can bring life to your event.

Choosing The Right Chair Covers For Your Perfect Wedding


Oct 2016

Your wedding might be one of the biggest and most memorable events in your life. No wonder why you want it to be as perfect and as amazing as possible. But with the quite awful looking chairs you have for your spacious reception venue, it is so hard to achieve such perfection. The best way to hide your chairs’ imperfections and to avoid them from ruining the overall look of your reception venue is to dress them with beautiful chair covers.

Wedding Day

Here are a few tips that you can take into consideration when choosing the right chair covers for your wedding.

Consider renting

When you have a hundred or more chairs, buying an equivalent number can be pretty costly. You can instead consider renting cheap wedding chair cover. You can ask your venue host if they already have chair covers available for rent. Then try searching online or asking your friends and family about local chair cover rental companies. Compare prices and quality. This can help you save some dollars than buying brand new covers.

Choose the right color

chair covers color

Chair covers are generally available in different patterns, fabric, designs, colors, and textures. This is why finding one to perfectly fit your wedding theme can be easy. When choosing the right color, be sure it will compliment your wedding theme and venue as well as your linen and napery. For instance, if your venue is covered with natural light and the linen you are to use is white, then you must get a white wedding chair cover.

Check fitting

Before contacting any rental company, you have to check first what kind of chairs you have. Chair covers come in different sizes and shapes. You can’t just say you need a chair cover and that’s it. Check your chairs’ dimension, and let the rental company know about it to avoid too loose or too tight fitting. If possible show them a sample or photo of your chairs to be sure you get the right fit.

Add accessories


To enhance the beauty of your chairs, you can decorate them with some accessories. The most commonly used accessories for wedding chairs are sashes. You do not necessarily need to choose sashes that are identical to the color of your linen, chair covers, or bridesmaids dresses. You can choose either sheer organza or satin sashes but you can as well try other options available. Check with your rental company to know what will work best for you.

Convert your Wedding in Grand Wedding with Elegant Chair Covers


Apr 2015
Ivory Organza Sash

The chair covers goal is to join all of the chairs together, eliminate the uneven and rough look of foldable chairs and revolve them into sophisticated linen style. Making sure that your cheap chair covers are flawless and precisely what you are looking for is eventually the result you will want, since it will influence how a portion of the other linen coverings co-operate. Some individuals are overpowered when attempting to deal with the rental themselves. Taking charge of these few basic steps can help to verify that you have the linen rentals that you have to make your occasion or reception perfect.

Ivory Organza Sash

What Do You Need for Chair Covers?

When you are searching for chair cover rentals, you have to confirm that you see precisely what you require. This requires checking the careful number of chairs that are important to seat for your guests. This also incorporates measuring every chair for tallness, length and width, so as to verify that the chair can be totally covered by the chair cover. Without these exact estimations and right numbers, you may end up with covers that don't cover the way that you need them to. A trustworthy rental company can help you with these assignments.


Elegant Chair Covers

Take Color Samples for Decorations

If you need to add accents to your chair cover rentals, you need to verify that the colors co-ordinate the colors you are using for the occasion, party or reception. By having examples of the greater part of the color selection that you are using for the occasion, you can know precisely what shades speak to you the most, so you may pick the color that you use for the accesories themselves.


Elegant Chair Sashes


Set your Budget

While budgets can some of the time exceed your limit, you need to know the amount you can bear to spend on chair covers before you settle on last choices. Knowing your financial plan can encourage you to make sense of nature of linens utilized, and the embellishments utilized. As an update, you will also need to plan for wedding table linen rentals, as well. In the event that you don't have an extensive budget, you may need lower quality chair covers with no adornments. Knowing the numbers can help you thin down your search for style and companies that can convey what you are searching for.

Elegant Covers

Verify Your Dates before the occasion

You need to verify you know the date of the occasion, as well as the dates of a day or two before the occasion. This permits you to verify that the company you are leasing the chair covers from can really convey your chair cover rental purchase. It is imperative to get the linens early, so that any mistakes can be rectified before the occasion.


Simply Elegant Chair Covers


Investigate well for Companies and Choose

After you realize what you want, you have to research three or four chair covers rental companies with a specific end goal to comprehend what they can offer. When you identify what they provide, and for what amount, you can choose which company is there to fulfill your rental needs.

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