5 Creative Ideas To Repurpose Cheap Chair Sashes

Chairs are more beautiful when embellished with pretty chair covers. But chair covers are not only for chairs. You can also use them to adorn many other things. With an ounce of creativity and a little bit of inspiration, you can easily and perfectly turn an ordinary thing to something extraordinary and beautiful. You can even use them to add extra spice to your decor or to make a uniquely stunning statement to the event venue.

Before we begin, grab a few cheap satin chair sashes and think about these creative and inspiring ways to use them.

Uniquely Beautiful Bouquet Wrap

cheap chair sashes

Do you want your wedding to be as synchronized and well coordinated as possible? Most probably, you will use an all-white wedding gown and you can't do anything in order for it to match the color of your motif. How about grabbing one of the cheap chair sashes and use it as a flower bouquet wrap? Chair sashes are created with sizes that are ideal for making bouquet wraps. You can choose to wrap your floral and tie it the same way as those sashes on your chairs or hang some charms to create a little swag and style.

Classy Gift Bows

classy gift bows

Do you have some satin sashes in your storage box? Are you looking for ways to repurpose them? Well, another creative way to repurpose used chair sashes is to use them as gift bows. Not only will it make your present more personalized, it will likewise make it festive, more classy, distinct, and fashionable. If you do so, you can not only just reuse your old sashes, you can as well avoid wasting wrapping paper. To use the sash as a gift bow, simply wrap it around the books or other gift items, secure it in place, tie it and make a bow. That's it.

Add Extra Favor To The Cocktail Table

extra favor          

A cocktail table is already beautiful on its own. Adding a tablecloth can make it look more gorgeous. But, do you know that you can further enhance the beauty of the cocktail table? Absolutely yes, you can. By tying a classy and glossy chair sash around the leg of the cocktail table and on top of the tablecloth, you can create a fantastic statement and drastically enhance the entire feel of your event hall.


Dazzling Table Runner

table runner

Add a flare to your table setting by using a sash as a table runner. If you want to add a typical table runner but your table is not that wide enough, you can choose to use a chair sash instead. If you already have a table runner, you can tie the sashes on its sides or tuck them underneath the table runners to make a fine-drawn pop of color.

Chair Covers On Drapes

chair covers

Another creative way to use chair covers is to make it as a draped bow. Drapery normally looks plain and shapeless when left unstyled and untied. Why leave it as is if you can further beautify and add style to your drapes? Neatly gather each side of the drape, bring them at the center and tie a bow around them. It's easy and simple but it can certainly make a difference.

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