Different Types Of Wedding Chair Covers And Sashes

Chair Covers and Sashes Chiavari Chair Covers and Sashes Lycra Chair Covers and Sashes Polyester Chair Covers Satin Banquet Chair Covers and Sashes Scuba Chair Covers Universal Chair Covers

There are currently different types of chair covers for rent. Most of these types differ according to the kind of chair they are designed for and the type of fabric they are made of. Here are a few types of chair covers available today.

Lycra Chair Covers and Sashes

Lycra Chair Covers and Sashes

Lycra, also called spandex or elastane, is considered as a unique type of wedding chair covers. Lycra chair covers are created from190 gsm spandex fabric and are designed to snugly and tightly fit just about any type of chair. They do not only look clean and flawless, they also provide a relatively sleek, elegant, and contemporary finish. Lycra chair covers can make an old and ugly standard chair or an ordinary Samsonite style plastic folding or banquet chair excellently stunning and attractive. They can even be used for industrial style metal chairs. Many event organizers choose this type of fabric because it's wrinkle-free, easy to clean, and pretty. Lycra wedding sashes can be added to achieve a perfect wedding chair look.

Chiavari Chair Covers and Sashes

satin chair covers

If you want a mixture of luxury and elegance, you can choose Chiavari chair covers. This type of wedding chair cover is famous for its sheer design and shiny finish. Chiavari Chair Covers are generally ruffled or embroidered. Chiavari sashes, on the other hand, can add a little more character and extra pizazz to your entire chair appearance.

Scuba Chair Covers

Another unique type of chair cover is the scuba chair cover. Just like the other types of covers, the scuba chair cover can also be used to dress up any kind of chair regardless of whether it has a tall or short back. It can also be stretched both vertically and horizontally. What makes it unique from the other types is the feel it provides. Sitting on a chair dressed with scuba chair cover literally makes you feel like sitting in luxury.

Satin Banquet Chair Covers and Sashes

Satin Banquet Chair Covers and Sashes

Satin is yet another shiny and stunning fabric commonly used both for chair sashes and covers. Satin chair covers and sashes are available in various colors. If you want to transform your ordinary and boring banquet chair into an attractive one, something that can help effortlessly brighten up the entire event venue, satin chair covers are your best option. You can also add satin chair sashes to create a bold statement of vivid color for your venue.

Universal Chair Covers

If you are not sure what type of wedding chair cover to choose, it is always better to stay on the safe side: pick the universal chair cover. This type of cheap chair cover is designed with a universal fit which makes it easier to use and handle. You just have to put it on the chair, secure its tie, and you are good to go. The universal chair cover can cover just any type of chair.

Polyester Chair Covers

Polyester Chair Covers

The polyester chair covers are commonly used to dress up banquet chairs with either square or round back. They are generally created from 180 gsm polyester fabric. To add glamor to the casual look that polyester covers provide, you can tie colorful and shimmering organza sashes around the back of the chair.

You can make your chair look more beautiful by adding either organza, burlap, damask, or satin sashes regardless of the type of wedding chair cover you will use.

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