5 Simple Yet Innovative Chair Decorating Ideas

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Whether you are the event organizer or the host of a significant event, you will always need to make sure that every single thing in the event is well taken cared for. To avoid forgetting or missing out on something, you must be able to prepare a long list of all the most significant aspects of the event.

One of the things you need to take care of is the decorations of the event venue including the tables and chairs. It is surprising how a small chair can make or break the entire event. Because the kind and the look of the chair can greatly affect the feel and ambiance of the event, you need to give a closer look and properly plan how you will make them stand out. Here are some easy to follow and practical idea on how you can decorate your chairs.

1. Flowers Flowers can definitely jazz up the look of your chairs. What is good about this is that you have hundreds of various selections of flowers that you can use for your chair. You can also play with your artistic side to find the perfect flower combination that will match with the motif of your event. Just be sure that the flowers are fresh and their color is still vibrant or else you will not be able to achieve the final look that you are expecting.

2. Sashes Adding sashes can definitely make your chairs more chic. Whether you are dressing your chairs with chair covers or not, sashes like organza sashes and satin sashes will perfectly fit. The sheer fabric of the organza chair sashes is more than enough to create a smooth finish and add a sense of sophistication to your chairs. Organza chair sashes are highly flexible.You will surely find it easy to work with.

3. Accessory Beads Beads are one of the potential chair decor accessories that are less commonly used. With the right choice of beads combination, you can be able to achieve a unique and classy look. You can tie them around the back of the chair or combine them with other decorative materials like satin or organza sashes and flowers.

4. Autumn leaves Does the event falls during the autumn season? How about decorating your chairs with some autumn leaves? This decor can work perfectly well with white chairs. You can either take a couple of autumn leaves and fasten them on the center or the side of the chair. You can also add laces or ribbons to further enhance the look.

5. Decorative Mason Jars If all-flowers and all-fabric decorations are not your thing, you can try a bigger statement with some decorative mason jars. Tie the jars with the use of a rope or twine and hang them on the sides of the chairs. You can fill them with different flower variations and decorate them with same ribbons or laces. These will give you beautiful, unique and charming rustic hanging vase ornamentation.

You can also use wine bottles in lieu of the decorative mason jars. If your chair is white, you can pair it with blue wine bottles filled with small white flowers like baby's breath.

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