Top 5 Things That You Need To Consider when Renting Chair Covers

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One of the things that you need to consider when planning a wedding is how you can create a romantic and pleasing ambiance for your wedding reception. But how can you achieve the ambiance that you are trying to create if you are using plain chairs or perhaps folding chairs?

The look of your wedding chairs will contribute a lot to the overall impact of your reception. This is why you have to think of something creative to make them more appealing and exciting. One best way to hide the imperfections of your wedding chairs is by covering them with nice chair covers. Renting chair covers is considered as the most practical, most budget-friendly and the easiest way to boost the beauty of your chairs. You just have to be more innovative and creative when choosing the right covers and accessories to achieve a romantic, unique, and fashionable finish.

Here are some things that you need to remember when renting chair covers from a chair cover rental company.

Never stick to a single color

It is not always necessary to stick with the color of your motif or to choose traditional plain white covers. Do not be afraid to try to explore other color options. You may consider chocolate brown or champagne chair covers for a classic finish, black covers which can make the reception area darker or ivory which adds warmth to the venue.

Choose the right fabric

Chair covers and sashes come in different types of fabric. Depending on your set budget, you can choose either organza sashes or satin sashes. Check with your linen provider to see the available fabrics for your chair covers and sashes.

Explore other sash ties

Normally, sashes are tied to form a bow. Even though bow tied sashes look good, you can further enhance its presentation and level up your event reception from "great and nice" to "wow and amazing". The key is to try to experiment and explore other tie options. Typical bows can be used in wedding, but they are more appropriate and lovely to look at when used in other events such birthday parties and Quinceanera. To add a touch of style, elegance, and uniqueness to your event, try to a side wrap tie or perhaps a wrap tie. They look simple but they can make your chairs more elegant and romantic.

Embellish your sashes


Adding sashes to your chair covers can make them look gorgeous. But, you can further enhance their beauty by embellishing the sashes with flowers, brooches, feathers, or buckles. You can purchase your own sashes accessories or rent them from your linen provider.

Hire a professional

Before picking and renting chair covers, you need to first consider hiring a professional who can help you choose the right wedding chair covers for you. Hire someone who doesn't just know what cover colors and fabrics works best for your wedding but the one who also know how to design and set them up for the big day. No matter how grand your chair covers are, if they are not utilized well, the end result may not be that great.

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