Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding Memorable Even With Small Budget

chair covers wedding chair covers

You do not need to extend your budget to make your wedding memorable. In fact, you do not need to have a big budget or to break your bank account just to make your dream wedding come true. The key is just to play with your imagination and add a bit of your artistic side. Just like your debut, your wedding only happens once in your entire life. This is why it is but normal for you to strive for the best for your wedding day. But with the little budget you have at hand for your wedding, how can you be able to make it become an event worth remembering for not only for you and your partner but also for your families, friends, and guests? Don't worry that much because you can actually make a nice wedding within your budget. Here are 5 best ways you can do to make your wedding event extra memorable and special even if you only have a small budget. Design Your Chair One way to enhance the overlook of your wedding venue it to design your chairs. You do not have to spend much to buy things that can enhance the beauty of your chair. You can rent chair covers and sashes at a fraction of the cost. If you want to play neutral, you can look for light colored wedding chair covers or perhaps pick something that would jive with your wedding theme. You can ask your friends, family or wedding planner if they know of someone who offers white chair covers for rent. You can also just check online. Invitation If you can, create your own invitation. Play with your imagination and artistic ideas to come up with classy invitations. Wedding Venue Renting a place for you wedding reception may cost you a huge amount of money. You can save much if you prefer having your reception at your own home instead of having it held at any commercial building or function hall. If you want a more scenic view, you may ask the local authority if you can have your wedding held at the public park or perhaps by the beach. Glassware Buying glasswares will require you a big amount of money. Instead, consider renting a set of glassware for your wedding. Ditch Catering Services Hiring a catering company to prepare your food can be costly. If you want to save on food, you can ask a family member or someone you know who can cook well to prepare the food for your wedding. Not only will you can easily adjust the food types to suit your budget, but you can also make it more special. If you can't elect someone in your family and friends who can prepare the food, you can ask a cook from a restaurant if he can cook for your wedding. You can drastically reduce your budget if you hire a cook to prepare your food than to hire a catering service provider.

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