Adding Glamour To Your Wedding Venue With These Chair Covers And Sashes Ideas

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Aside from the great romantic decoration, designing the wedding chair covers and accentuating them with nice sashes can add glamour and beauty to your reception. Aside from making the chairs, you got from chair cover rental more appealing, adding covers and sashes is also a great way to hide imperfections, to match the color of the chairs to your wedding motif and to add a taste of fashion and style. You can always make a design for your own wedding reception to make it more pleasing. Add some of your unique taste by choosing different materials and color combination for a more personalized look. Here are some ideas on how you can beautify your chair and table during your special event.

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Table Runners

One way to further enhance the decorations of your whole reception area is to add beautiful table runners. Table runners, like sashes, make up a fashionable wedding reception design. Choosing the right design for table runners to suit your event theme is the key to make tables stunning and totally striking.

Table Runner


Chair sashes are strips of fabrics used to accentuate the design of a chair. You can use different kinds of fabrics for chair sashes but the most commonly used decorative varieties include organza, tulle, and satin. You can easily make your own customized chair sashes that suits your preference and match the theme of your venue. You just have to check which type of sash materials can boost the overall look of the chairs.

Satin Sashes

Satin sashes can turn your plain and simple looking chair into a perfectly fascinating piece of design. Aside from being a significant piece of wedding reception decoration, it also adds some bonus points to the event itself.

Satin Sashes

Satin sashes provide unique designs and glossy finish to any chair craft making it look more stylish and chic. They also go along with almost all kinds of chairs. The right satin sashes can make chairs more fine-looking and attractive. With the help of your artistic ability and creativity, you can never go wrong with satin sashes.

Organza Sashes

Another way to keep your event reception more attention-grabbing and eye-catching is adding some organza sashes to your chair. If you want to provide a nice facelift to your venue's ambiance, you can enhance its beauty by using some organza sashes.

Organza Sashes

The smooth finish and sheer fabric of organza sashes add elegance and perfection to any type of chair covers. Organza covers are also available in different vibrant colors.

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