Buying vs Renting Chair Covers: Which is Better?

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One of the significant details that you need to take a closer look at when hosting an event is the venue itself. Aside from the location, you need to also identify and carefully plan each and every detail needed to make your event venue a great place for your occasion. These details basically include the decoration and setting. Among the most relevant parts of the setting is the linen that you will use both for the chairs and tables. Even though you have a set of beautiful chairs and tables, you still need to add linens, tablecloths, sashes, and chair covers if you want to further enhance their beauty and to improve the entire atmosphere of the event room.

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Let us assume that you have already decided to dress up your chairs with chair covers. The next problem that you need to solve would be whether you will be going to rent or buy a set of chair covers.


If your budget allows, you can buy a brand new set of chair covers or hire a company to create customized or personalized covers. If your set budget does not permit you to buy brand new ones, you can go purchase preloved or second-hand chair covers. However, if the first three options seem to be too expensive for you, you can choose to contact one of the trusted event organizers available today and ask if they offer chair covers for rent. You can either browse the internet, ask your friends and family, or perhaps check your locality for companies offering chair cover rentals. There are many chair cover rental companies out there that are willing to have their items rented at a fraction of the cost.

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If you decide to rent the chair covers, you do not have to worry about their maintenance. You do not even have to wash them and have them ironed out before and after the event because the rental company will be the one to take care of the laundry. If you buy your own covers, you also have to spend some dollars for its maintenance and laundry expenses.

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If you buy the, you need to devote a specific place to store the covers when not in use. If you rent the covers, you will no longer need any storage room because the rental company will retrieve the covers right after the event is over.


Rental companies often have a great collection of chair covers. You can easily find the best design, style, size, color, and material that would best suit your party motif. If you buy the covers, you will have to use the same color, style, design, material, and size over and over again.

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If you are holding a one-time big event like a wedding or college graduation celebration, it would be wiser if you choose to rent covers rather than buying them. However, if you intend to use the covers in your next events like birthday party, you can buy your own instead. Just remember to settle with neutral colors so that you can still use them in the future no matter what motif your next events will have.

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