Different Types of Linens and Fabrics You’ll Need for Your Wedding Reception

Decorating your reception venue with beautiful linens will add finishing touches to the tone, style, and overall theme of the event. To give you some ideas, we have here a list of linens and fabrics that are perfect for special events such as weddings.  

The reception acts as a culminating program for any wedding ceremony. This is the time where you get more personal with your guests, friends, and family. The reception is also the best time to loosen up and to be just yourself as well as to enjoy good company and good food. And it will also be the first time for the newlywed to spend time and create wonderful memories with their loved ones as a couple.  

A wedding reception is not only about the food or the stage decor. Aside from great food, you can be able to achieve that “wow” effect by making some tweaks to your venue decoration. Decorating your reception venue with beautiful linens will add finishing touches to the tone, style, and overall theme of the event. It will also bring your wedding day to the next level!

To give you some ideas, we have here a list of linens that are perfect for special events such as weddings.  We will also be sharing today the different types of fabrics that you can use to make your wedding day spectacular!

Table Linens Your Wedding Reception Must Have

  • Table Cloth

During the reception, it is on the tables where your guests will stay most of the time. The tables are also among the most noticeable parts of the reception hall. Having a great table cloth that suits your theme provides a nice backdrop to whatever other decorations and linens you have on your table.

  • Table Runners

Table Runners are the next thing placed just above the table cloth. These are usually narrow, short, or small pieces of fabric that are placed usually in the middle to outline other table decorations. They also bring the best out of the table centerpieces. Table runner colors usually contrast to the shade and design of the table cloth. You can also use the secondary color theme for table runners. If you don’t have enough table runners for all the tables, you may consider renting some from a table runner rentals company.

  • Table Skirts

Now the table tops already look nice! Can you check the sides? Some couples just prefer longer table cloths that extend around a couple of inches down the sides. Truth is table skirts elaborate the creativity done on top of the tables to make them look completely stunning. Table skirts also allow guests to hide their personal stuff underneath (or wedding gifts and surprises) without being so obvious.

Table skirts can be separate from the table cloth, and they can also be over-extended table cloths that reach the ground, something that you can skirt later on.

Chair Covers

  • Chair Covers

Now that the tables are all set, let’s proceed to the next important furniture inside your reception venue- the chairs. Dressing your chairs with elegant chair covers that compliment your table will complete the overall appearance of your dining set-up.

Not only that, covering your seat with a chair cover is also an excellent way to hide any imperfections your chairs may have. It will also make your guests more comfortable while seating, allowing them to enjoy the after ceremony program without feeling anxious about where they sit.

  • Chair Sashes

There are always people you wanted to highlight on your wedding day. It could be your parents, your in-laws, or your favorite professor way back in college. And of course, newly-weds have their seats fancier than any other seats in the room.

Chair sashes are attached, wrapped, or placed on the chairs or on top of the chair covers to highlight your guests of honor, family members, and of course the celebrants from the rest of the crowd. Tying chair sashes around each and every chair in the room is likewise a great way to further enhance the look of your chair cover.

  • Table Napkins

If weddings are held in hotels or resorts, they surely will provide you with tables, chairs, standard skirting, standard table cloths and/or chair covers, dining ware, and of course, table napkins. But if your reception is held at private places or anywhere else outside these services, you may need to provide the napkins for your guests on your own. Table napkins can be of different fabric type and sizes.

  • Liners

Liners are placed hidden underneath the table cloths to add a deeper feel and texture to the tabletop. It is also considered as the 'base cloth'. Liners can be just cloths of different textures or patterns. Though liners are not always necessary, they can add luxury to the table top.

  • Overlays

Satin table overlays are cloth decorations where linen is placed above another linen to give dimension and create a pattern.

You can make all of these using different types of fabric. Here is another list of common fabrics you can use on your wedding reception.

The Fabrics

  • Polyester

Polyester is a strong versatile type of cloth that offers a cheaper way to dress up your wedding reception. This synthetic fiber is very durable and highly resistant to stain and wrinkles, making it ideal for outdoor events and high-end occasions.

  • Satin

Satin is a smooth glossy fabric that is basically made from silk. It is better than most fabrics because of its glossy and shiny texture. Satin is as beautiful, shiny and sophisticated as silk, but is less costly.

This fabric is quite simple but still very elegant. It can be made out of polyester fibers. Satin fabrics that are made from polyester fibers are still durable, but they should be washed in a delicate manner. This fabric is perfect for indoor events, as it radiates and reflects indoor lighting creating a romantic and elegant tone to your event.

Satin Sashes

  • Damask

A Damask is a pattern that is seen on heavier weight woven fabrics. This cloth works well for formal events with a truly traditional feel.

  • Organza

Organza is a thin and see-through like fabric that is perfect for almost everything -from cake tables to draping (a term for any decorated cloth hanging) on the tables or anywhere in a venue. It can be made from cotton or silk fibers and has both plain and embroidered versions. This soft fabric is commonly used as table runners and overlays because it makes other fabrics underneath it visible. Organza should be hand washed so it won’t lose the fabric's quality.

  • Taffeta

Taffeta is a crispy, and stiff yet smooth cloth. It is woven from silk or rayons. Taffeta is more structured and has a sleek surface. You can plainly use taffeta or pair it with an overlay. Taffeta fabrics are usually used for modern and clean designs. It can be used for wedding gowns and other wedding-related wear, too.

  • Cotton

Cotton is used mostly for outdoor and informal events and is considered a trendy table linen fabric. It is a soft and breathable natural fabric that can be dyed, patterned, or embroidered. Heavier cotton versions can even have an embossed texture. The softness nature of cotton makes cotton table linens popular to most wedding planners and wedding couples. The bad side of this comfy textile is that it easily wrinkles and can quickly absorb liquid.

  • Burlap

Burlap fabrics are coarse. This fabric is made with an all natural material which makes it 100% bio-degradable. While cotton is made from cotton fibers, burlap is made from the skin of the jute plant. Jute is a vegetable found primarily in India, Bangladesh, and other countries in South Asia. Jute is used to make a wide variety of goods like twine, rope, and burlap sacks. A burlap is a great option for couples and event planners who are environment enthusiasts (in which all of us should be).

  • Brocade

Brocade is a fabric that is made from silk threads. This fabric is woven to create an embossed or embroidered look. Brocade is more popularly used for traditional events.

  • Velvet

Velvet is a type of closely-woven fabric that has a soft pile. This fabric gives the table a distinctive, elegant, rich, and smooth feel.

  • Sequins

Sequin fabrics are embroidered with shining paillettes which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Sequins are also a great fabric for events like weddings. It offers high-fashioned, glittering feel to tables.

  • Raw Silk

Raw silk, as compared to taffeta, offers more movement. It is often used for more formal events. This textured fabric is woven from spun silk. Raw silk is a little shiny, and it can be perfectly paired with just any fabric.

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