Most Glamorous and Fabulous Ways to Jazz Up Your Wedding With Centerpieces and Lighting

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When it comes to huge, significant events like weddings, everything including the decor matters. To help you find the inspiration to come up with a reception venue decor that is uniquely yours, we have compiled here some of the most amazing wedding centerpieces and lighting ideas.

We all know that covering your wedding chair with beautiful chair cover and dressing up the tables with table linens will remarkably enhance the overall look and feel of your reception venue. But do you know that you can still be able to make your reception venue more sophisticated and eye-catching with the help of some centerpieces and lights?

When it comes to huge, significant events like weddings, everything matters. Even the small, intricate details of your venue decors will affect the overall outcome of your wedding. And for those with artistic and innovative minds out there, your wedding is one of the best times to showcase your talent and skills and to play with your creativity.

To help you find the inspiration to come up with a reception venue decor that is uniquely yours, we have compiled here some of the most amazing wedding centerpieces and lighting ideas. What’s more? Well, these ideas will help you make your wedding a dream come true without breaking the bank. 

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas:

  • Wine bottle + long stem flowers

Flowers are standard decor for weddings. Unfortunately, flooding the entire reception venue with truckloads of flowers can be really expensive. Plus, hiring a professional flower arranger can cost you hundreds of dollars.

How about collecting some pretty wine bottles and putting 2 or three colorful long stem flowers into it?

The wine bottle and long stem flowers combination is a great way to cut cost on centerpieces while still achieving the same glamorizing effect of the professionally arranged expensive flowers. This inexpensive, simple wedding centerpiece will surely make your wedding look like a million bucks.

  • Paint buckets + fresh-cut flowers

Another way to jazz up your tables is to embellish them with an easy to do DIY decor. Instead of throwing away the empty paint buckets on your backyard, why not gather them all and reuse them?


First of all, you need to clean them up and paint them with the color of your choice. A combination of black and white will give your venue a classic look. Then draw some sentimental words or letters on each bucket. For instance, you can spell out words like LOVE, and the name of the couples. Then fill the paint bucket with either enough amount of water or moist soil. Add some freshly cut flowers on each bucket and then arrange them on the center of your table. And that’s it.

  • Used tin cans

Love rustic look? Well, here’s a great way to achieve that rustic look you have been dreaming of and to add character to your wedding decor. Collect a handful of clean tin cans and then paint them with the color of your choice. You may also try to decorate them to make them look more gorgeous. You can then use them as a flower vase, as a candle holder, as a decorative centerpiece, or as a whimsical tulle pompoms holder.

  • Sparkling bottles

Another pretty yet budget-friendly centerpiece idea is to use sparkling bottles. There are countless creative ways to utilize empty bottles as a wedding centerpiece. Of these countless ways, apparently, decorating the bottles with sparkling glitters or other shining shimmering ornaments is the most popular.

You can use different sizes and shapes. Sparkling bottles can be used as a stand-alone centerpiece or can be used in combination with votives, candles, or flowers.

  • Wine glass + floating flower and/or candle

Another easy yet fantastic centerpiece decor idea is the combination of wine glass + flower and/or candle. Preparing this centerpiece idea is quite quick and simple. You just need some wine glasses or water goblet glass, halfway fill them up with water, put in one flower that is large enough to occupy the space or a few small flowers, and then arrange them at the center of the tables.

You can also add a floating scented to each glass for an added effect. This idea can also use mason jars, transparent bowls, fish bowls, and other glass containers.

  • Non-floral centerpieces

No fresh flowers? No problem. With these non-floral centerpiece ideas, you can be able to make your reception tables as stunning as with floral decors. Some of the best non-floral centerpiece ideas include a combination of:

  • Tall vases + fall foliage like real leaves and dramatic branches
  • Plush feathers + decorative bottle or tall glasses
  • Driftwood + corals and shells in various colors, dimension, size, and shape
  • Banana leaves + giant palm leaves for bold, lush, tropical, and dramatic centerpieces
  • Wheat or branches + rustic assortment of tin cans, opaque vases, and glass bottles

If making your own centerpieces is not your thing, or perhaps if you are too busy with the other aspects of your wedding, you can choose to either buy or rent centerpieces. You may visit some shops and see if they have wedding centerpieces for sale or for rent.

Wedding Lighting Ideas:

Adding some lights to your wedding reception is one of the most fabulous and astonishing ways to set the atmosphere. Lighting options are quite varied from lanterns, uplighting, and spotlights to chandeliers, fairy lights, and candles, with each option offering unique characteristics. Below are some of the gorgeous sparkly lights ideas you can use for your wedding.

  • Twinkling lights for an outdoor evening wedding

Are you having an outdoor evening wedding? If so, try hanging some ceiling-like twinkling lights that reflect the beauty of the night sky. This will surely make the event more romantic and the venue more picturesque.

  • Wedding backdrop lights

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the event and the primary reason for the day. How about making it more romantic and worth remembering? One fabulous way to do this is to set up wedding backdrop lights.

While decorating the wedding backdrop with fresh, sweet smelling, pretty flowers can help make it look and feel romantic and picturesque, adding some lights can effectively jazz up the ambiance and make this spot extra romantic and picture perfect.

  • Uplighting

Using some uplighting is a sure fire way to transform a simple ballroom hall into a winter wonderland paradise. You may ask your wedding coordinator or the event venue if it is possible for you to rent uplighting and use it for your wedding. Uplighting works best with all-white centerpieces.

You can use a blend of various colors for a watercolor-inspired uplighting effect, settle with one hue to match with your primary color motif or go bold with a uniquely unusual color combo. Among the most popularly used lights for wedding after-wedding party uplighting are blue, purple, red, and magenta.

  • Candles and chandeliers

A combination of candles and chandeliers can make your after-wedding gathering warmer and more intimate. You can line the walkway with some candles or add some candles to your centerpiece. Not only will it help illuminate the venue, but it will as well serve as a great addition to your decor. Choose the pretty smelling aromatic candles for an added soothing effect.

  • Oversized lighted letters or words

Setting a spot embellished with oversized lighted words or letters will provide you and your guests a fun and lovely background for photo taking.

  • Rustic lanterns for a garden wedding

Garden wedding has become increasingly popular these days. Because of the extra romantic feel it provides, many couples are now choosing to have a garden wedding. Aside from the natural green set-up and the added flower decors, you can further lift up the atmosphere for your garden wedding by hanging some rustic lanterns. This idea will surely transform your venue into an enchanted garden – something like only the fairies in fantasy movies can enjoy.

  • Floating paper lanterns

Hanging some colorful floating paper lanterns is a fun way not only to illuminate the area but also to add a sense of festivity and cheerfulness to your wedding reception. Floating paper lanterns come in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

You may hang a few gigantic paper lanterns or several multi-colored small-sized ones. To provide a soft glow to the reception hall, you may opt for jewel-toned lanterns. Combining them with a cool uplighting will surely make the entire hall more breathtaking. Using lanterns as the primary light will also provide a warm glow to your venue especially during night time.

That ends up our post for today. I hope these fantastic ideas will give you the inspiration to come up with a centerpiece and lighting design that fits your needs and preferences very well. You may also use any of them or combine them if you want to. The choice is yours. 

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