How to Transform Your Wedding Reception with Chair Covers

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You do not have to break your bank when preparing for your wedding venue as there are a couple of ways to enhance its look at a very affordable price. For instance, transforming your ordinary chair into a more stylish one can make a difference. You do not have to buy new chair for your wedding, you just need to enhance the beauty of your humble chairs and avail of the chair covers wholesale.

When thinking about making a wedding reception decoration elegant and grandiose, most of us will automatically think of the huge amount of money that we need to put up in order to achieve the look that we are expecting to attain. But did you know that we can actually transform an ordinary reception venue into a vibrant, fashionable and sophisticated one without having to break the bank? Here’s the secret how you can do it.

Transform humble chairs to set the tone for your receptions

One of the things you can do to enhance the beauty and overall look of a wedding reception venue is by adding covers to your ordinary chair. Covering humble chairs to enhance the beauty of the venue and to fit your theme is more economical as compared to buying new fashionable chairs. You can even save more if you rent chair covers for weddings by piece. Depending on your location, you can also avail of chair covers wholesale offered by your local event organizers.

Choose the right covers

The kind of linen and the color combination is very fundamental. To be able to achieve the look that you want, you should see to it that you choose the right color combination for your chair covers. Your chosen chair cover linen should blend well together with that of your table cloth. For instance, if your table cloth is ivory, avoid using white for your chair cover. This is because the white cover can reduce the appeal of ivory since it makes the later looks dull and filthy. This is true especially with well-lit venue.

Try to experiment with colors

When it comes to choosing the color of the chair covers, you can try various color combinations. Just be creative, innovative and experimental. Of course this also depends on the motif of your wedding. You may also pair it with the decorations of your venue. You can try to use more than one chair cover color.

Add sashes

Add sashes to your chairs to make them look more stunning. You can have one color and type of sash or create a harmonious palette of sashes. Instead of tying only one color, you may try adding two sashes to further accentuate it. Another idea to make your chair more stylish is adding items that like pinecones, raffia, flowers, or other decorative items that are part of your theme. Just be sure that such items cannot damage the fabric.

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