Most Commonly Asked Question About Chair Covers For Rent

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Are you planning to hold a party but you do not have enough resources at hand to make your event venue more stunning and inviting? How about adding glamour to your chairs by dressing them with elegant chair covers? You can find a number of linen and chair cover rentals companies all throughout the United States that offer chair covers for rent. If you are concerned about where to get a bulk of covers, worry no more because you can find many chair covers for rent in different areas in the United States. Should you want to consider renting covers for your chairs, you may refer to the following commonly asked questions about chair cover rentals.

Question 1: Chair cover size

  In order for you to know the right size of the chair covers you need, you will have to: -> Determine the measurements of the chair your are using. Measure the height of the chair from the floor up to the very top of its back. You also have to get the width of the widest part of the back of the chair. -> Determine what kind of chair you will use. Is it a stackable banquet chair, a wooden portable chair, or a metal foldaway chair. -> Determine if the top of the chair is square, irregular shape or round.

Question 2: Chair cover sample

  If you want to be sure that the cover will perfectly fit your chair, it is recommended that you order a sample beforehand. Samples are free. However, you will need to pay for a very minimal amount to be able to get the sample. The fee serves as a collateral fee. You will be refunded with the amount you have paid for the sample as soon as you returned the sample chair cover.

Question 3: Installing the linen

  One of the most commonly asked questions by users when contacting companies that offer chair covers for rent is as to who will install the linen. Usually, the company only offers the linen and it is up to the renter to install the linen. If you have a contacted wedding or event planners, caterer, banquet facilities and florist, you may as well ask them if they can do the work for you. Many of these service providers also offer linen installment or chair decorating.

Question 4: Ironing and cleaning the linen before using

  Generally, the linen and chair cover rentals company offer items that are already washed and pressed. So you do not need to wash the linen before using. However, since chair covers are pressed before boxing them up, there may be some crumbles. If you want to make it look smoother and more flattened, you may iron the covers before installing them.

Question 5: Washing the linen before returning

  As to whether you will have to wash it prior to returning them to the company or not, you need not to worry about it. You do not need to wash the chair covers before returning them. You can just shake them out to remove dirt and loose food.

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