Why Use Simply Elegant Chair Covers for Wedding Chairs and Linens

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At Simply Elegant Chair Covers, we’re all about helping you with your big day – to make all of your choices easier, and to give you a much better result when it comes to an attractive and well-dressed-up wedding space. Read on to discover how we have helped hundreds of happy couples to get the effect they wanted for their weddings.

The Importance of Chair Covers and Accents

Why are chair covers so important?

Basically, because folding chairs are so tacky (or at least, a lot of people see them that way!). They're just really not very aesthetically pleasing, in  most cases, and weddings are flashy, grand affairs – but they’re also done on a budget. Chances are you don't have the money to rent several hundred grand oaken thrones for your wedding reception – the good news is you can just put high-quality chair covers on for a few dollars each, and call it a day!

Reserving Chair Covers and Linen

So why not just get these items from your wedding planner?

We found that many of our customers have made their weddings much easier and more stress-free by ordering through us – because their wedding planners have enough to keep track of.

For example, you still have to source your tables and chairs – and plan layout, and plan heating and cooling for off-season weddings, or even those that still take place in the sweltering heat of July or August. And there’s a lot more…

So amid all that complexity, having someone send you just the right number and quality of chair covers, accents and eye-catching linens really makes your wedding pop with the least amount of hassle.  Rent chair covers at an affordable rate with us!

Other Items from Simply Elegant Chair Covers

At Simply Elegant Chair Covers, you can also rent sashes and table linens. YOu can rent satin sashes, rent spandex sashes and organza sashes. We have wedding favors and exquisite table runners to add a splash of design to your reception area. We have lighting and backdrops, and more.

The best plan for smart brides and grooms is to go to our website and check out everything that we have, and see how easy it can be to get these items shipped to you. If you're in the state of Michigan, it's even easier, because you have the opportunity to pick up as well. But anywhere in the country (except for some of the outlying territories, see web site notices) we can ship you what you need for a great wedding day and help take the load off of your shoulders!

Talk to Simply Elegant Chair Covers about what you need: we have a web form submission feature to make it easy, and live chat to help answer your questions. We want to hear from you!

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