Benefits of Silk Flower Centerpiece Rentals

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Whether you own and operate an event venue, are planning a wedding, or are setting up a party or reception for a special occasion, decorating with flowers is an important element of formal social events. There are numerous benefits of renting silk flower centerpieces, as opposed to purchasing fresh flowers for each event. 

These include the following: 

Less Expensive Arrangement Options

Fresh flower arrangements can be quite expensive, especially for specific types of blossoms or blooms that are not currently in season. When you opt to rent a silk flower centerpiece for your wedding or special occasion, you can enjoy the exact flowers and stems that you want to decorate with, without the unnecessary expense. You'll be able to decorate exactly the way you'd prefer to, no matter the season, and still stay within the budget you've allotted for floral arrangements for your event. 

Eliminate Waste

When you utilize fresh floral arrangements for your event, you're left with one major problem - what do you do with them when the event is over? Often, the answer is to simply discard them, which can be overly wasteful. You're left tossing hundreds of dollars of flowers in the trash, simply because they've been used for a single day and are no longer necessary. When you opt for renting silk centerpieces instead, you're eliminating this waste and making an environmentally friendly decision. 

Silk Centerpieces Easier to Work With

Fresh flowers have their own unique benefits, but they can also be difficult to work with, as they're fragile. This tends to add to the expense of the arrangement, and this can be compounded based on the type of blossoms you want for your displays. Silk flowers are easier for florists to work with, and they're also easier for you to transport, arrange, and move around your event venue. You'll be able to relocate them and rearrange them without worrying about accidentally damaging the arrangement or breaking a stem. 

Silk Centerpieces Won't Wilt

Silk flower centerpiece rentals are also good for longer periods of time. If you run an event hall or reception center and are looking for flower arrangements that are sturdy enough to last through several events in one weekend, without wilting or showing signs of age, silk flowers may be a good option. Natural flowers will wilt as the day goes on, while silk can stand up to being displayed for several events. 

When you're planning your next formal event, contact the friendly professionals at Simply Elegant Chair Covers to discuss your options for floral rentals. We'll go over your plans for decorating for your event and help you decide on the centerpieces that are the best fit for your special occasion. Allow us to help you wow your guests. 

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