Event Lighting can Transform an Event from Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Choosing color themes for your event can be a very daunting task and process. Each and every detail, and the decorative selection will have an impact on the final product.  Many factors play into the selection process for a special event.  Things to consider when planning for a special event are:

  • Seasons- What time of the year is it?
  • Trends- What are the latest trends?
  • Color- What color theme are you trying to pull off?
  • Budget- Budget can drive specific decorative choices.

Although there are many things to consider, what we have found to be the most profound decorative budget-conscious impact is adding decorative lighting to your event.

We have helped thousands of clients take a very normal setting to an extraordinary environment simply by adding lighting options.  The options one can consider within the lighting family are uplighting, underlighting, string lighting, monogram lighting,  and accessory lighting.

Most banquet facilities, halls, and venues provide dim lighting.  Although this intention is to hide blemishes of the facility, the ambiance of the event becomes compromised.  As a result, the addition of lighting options immediately transforms the room.   Let’s get into the specifics of one’s choices and the purpose they serve.

Uplighting can have the most immediate impact on a room.  Uplighting is exactly what it sounds like.  The uplighting unit(s) can be placed selectively on the perimeter of the room.  The units, which we offer in wired plug-in or wireless options, cascade light up and add an architectural theme to the event.  A very common way of placing the units is to accent an external pillar that most facilities have today.  The game-changer of the uplighting units resides in the consumer’s ability to choose whatever color one wants.  The units come with high powered LED bulbs and allows the consumer to easily program them to match whatever color one wants.  For example, a bride may want the room to have the same accent colors as her bridesmaid’s dresses.  These uplighting units have a lighting matrix which allows her to match a close color of the dress if she so chooses.  Simply Elegant gives you the option to rent uplighting at an affordable rate.

The undertable lighting units are very similar to the uplighting units.  However, they have different applications.  They are placed strategically under each of the tables at the event.  This includes but not limited to standard banquet tables, cake tables, bar stand tables, and dessert tables.  Again, each of these wireless units can be programmed to the color of the consumer choice.  The customer can match the same color as the uplighting or have alternative colors.  These units also come with high powered LED bulbs that illuminate the entire table immediately making the table pop with elegance. Simply elegant allows you the option to rent undertable lighting at an affordable price.

String lighting is strands of lights used which can be used to add additional ambiance.  For ease of describing these units, they remind most customers of the strands of lights on a Christmas tree.  Although they are different, the concept remains the same where multiple LED bulbs on a “strand” of covered wiring.  These come in a standard white color.  They are utilized in multiple applications.  These include:


Monogram lighting, also called Gobo lighting provides a very intimate personalized option.  We work with our clients to create a monogram specific to the client’s name, event date, or slogan.  The monogram lighting unit is then strategically placed within the room to highlight the purpose of the event. Some common placements of the monogram lighting unit include an entrance wall as people enter the room.  Clients also like to place the monogram near the cake table.  One other popular location is the unit can be projected down onto the dance floor illustrating the purpose of the event.  The client has the opportunity to pick from different designs and messaging that fits the client’s style.

Accessory lighting is the smaller more discreet type of lighting which ties the entire theme of the event together.  The options involve smaller LED lights which can be used to add ambiance to the centerpieces, wedding cake table, and favorite table as guests arrive at the event.  These lights come in many designs and colors.  Please contact us and we will aid in directing what options may fit your event’s theme.

When decorating for an event one has many options to consider.  Adding lighting to one’s event is a cost affordable way to make the event a WOW event.  Simply Elegant works intimately with the client to understand their needs.  We offer all of these lighting options at affordable pricing.  All units are shipped to clients charged and ready to be used.  The clients used the units and shipped them back to our facility when finished.  Please check out all the lighting options we offer at www.simplyelegantchaircover.com.  We also offer chair cover rental, table linen rental, and backdrop rental options.  Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your event.

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